Middle Eastern Antiques

Antique Islamic Middle Eastern Brass Chased Pictorial Fruit Bowl Unique antique 18th Century Ottoman silver&engraved hard stone red wax seal ring Antique Islamic Folding Side Table With Brass Tray Top A large Ottoman yatagan sword dated 1292 of the Islamic calendar (1875) 19th Century HISPANO MORESQUE LUSTRE ALBARELLO JAR Moroccan nimcha sword with a fine blade signed ANDREA FERARA 17th century Large Middle Eastern Brass Charger Tray Asian Antique Vintage Old Middle Eastern Damascus Inlaid Brass Tray with beautiful copper and This is an ancient very rare bird. Islamic, Persian Antique Old Omani Islamic Silver Jambiya Khanjar Curved Dagger Special Horn Antique Russian Caucasus Cossack Islamic Saddle to Sword Shashka Kindjal Ottoman yatagan sword Ottoman empire, 18th-19th century Vintage Large Chic Middle Eastern Wool Rug 275cm x 390cm Antique Turkish Armenian Silver Niello Sweetheart Tobacco Case with Tughra Mark 15th Century Mamluk Islamic Antique Tinned Copper Bowl Antique amber Bakelite cherry amber PRAYER Tasbih BEADS 72 Gram Antique 18 century Indo Persian Islamic Armor Bazuband for sword shamshir Talwar Antique Ottoman Turkish Wood Mother of Pear Silver Thread Bath Hamam Clogs Shoes LARGE ISLAMIC ARABIC TINNED COPPER & BRASS COFFEE POT / DALLAH 40cm Tall Antique Scarab Egyptian Ancient Bead Stone Carved Amulet Antique Nile Mummy art Us Electronics Ban For Middle East Flights Draws Doubts Antique Islamic Persian Ottoman Open Work Silver Inlaid Brass Lamp Nice OLD indo-Persian Tulwar Talwar Saber Sword A fine Tuareg takuba of a rare type with an European blade 18th 19th century Antique Heavy Hookah Stand & Tray Indo Islamic Mughal Bidri Silver Inlay Antique Islamic Curtain From The Tomb of The Prophet Madina Kiswa Ottoman 1720s Persian Islamic inlaid table 1900's Persian Islamic Arabic Brass Copper Astrolabe 236 Gram Indo-persian ottoman rajput martha sikh warrior silver damascened bhuj/axe pipe Large Impressive Islamic/ Persian Shrine, Display Centre-Piece 106cm Anglo persian mother of pearl inlay trunk Antique amber Bakelite cherry amber PRAYER Tasbih BEADS 160Gram Very Fine Islamic Cairoware Ottoman Silver Inlaid Mamluk Censer, Incense Burner Antique Persian Indian Silver Bowl Islamic Moghul period Exceptional Middle Eastern Safavid Quran Text, Late 17th Century Scarce Arabia Omani Samt Mukahhal Silver Necklace 1780 Maria Theresa Thaler Antique Islamic Turkish Ottoman Cast Bronze Inscribed Flask Antique HUGE Center Piece Pottery Bowl Metal Work Middle Eastern Moroccan Blue Middle Eastern Antique Hammered Copper Tray Table with Carved Wood Folding Stand Ancient Persian Islamic Mamluk Arabic Ottoman brass tray C1890s 55 cm Arabic Antique Avi Antique Persian / Iznik Pottery Tile Brass Tray Antique Islamic Ottoman Calligraphy Gilded Mirror Mughal Hat Armer Darvish Axe Huge Antique Islamic Holy Medina Curtain Metal Embroidery Ottoman Dynasty Signed Antique Middle Eastern Russian Persian Style Gilt Silver Cloisonne Enamel Bowl Destruction Of Monuments And Memory In The Middle East Introduction By Dr John Curtis Antique Islamic Mamluk Fountain Pen Box Qalamdan Brass inlaid With Silver W3.4kg Vintage Middle Eastern Hand Knotted Wool Rug Runner 108in x 45in Rare Antique Central Asia Indian Hindu Hmughal Tulwar Sikh Sword Knife Dagger Antique Islamic Folding Side Table Brass Tray Top OTTOMAN TURKISH GILT BRASS POMANDER PENDANT c1850 Silver spoon holder Antique 19th century Turkish Ottoman Sultan Tughra marks RARE Large Antique Engraved Alabaster Table Box / Casket Grand Tour Ottoman yatagan sword Ottoman empire, 19th century Antique Islamic Qajar Hand Engraved Solid 14 K Gold Agate Men Signet Ring Dated Antique Medieval Islamic Pottery Kashan Sultanabad Fritware Bowl Seljuk Curtain Antique Islamic Candles Of The Kaaba In Makkah Mecca The Kaaba belt of the Kaaba Made in Mecca Makkah 2 meters × 85 cm ANTIQUE 20thC PERSIAN SOLID SILVER MASSIVE VASE, MUHAMMAD TAQI c. 1900 Antique Islamic Mamluk Candlesticks Brass inlaid With Silver & Copper W8kg Tuareg takuba (takouba) sword Mid 20th century A pair of African daggers North Africa, late 19th century TWO (2) Antique Solid Brass Persian Etched Ram Goat Ibex Middle Eastern Detailed Moroccan sabre (sword) in the European style Morocco, 2nd half 19th early 20th Vintage Indo Persian Islamic Ottoman Kulah Khud Armor Helmet etched Antique An interesting Ottoman T handle yatagan (yatghan) 19th century Vintage Middle Eastern Hand Woven Cotton Ziloo Flat weave Carpet Afghan khyber with wootz steel blade Afghanistan, 19th century Islamic Box Mosque Cypress trees and calligraphy TURKISH TURKEY Ottoman Syrian Antique long Berber (Algerian) flissa sword (yatagan shape) 19th century WOW! The personal watch of Sultan Mehmed V. Carved Lapis-Lazuly stone case Zenith A fine long Berber flissa sword with a curved blade Late 19th early 20th c Large Stunning Antique Octagonal Islamic Wooden Inlaid Side Table Caucasian qama (kindjal) sword with maker's mark 19th century Moroccan nimcha sabre (sword) from the 19th century with an earlier blade

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