Middle Eastern Antiques

Antique Egyptian 18k Yellow Gold Ancient Scarab Swivel Ring Size 5.25 Large Antique Islamic 19th Century Qajar Tile Omar Khayyam Poem Calligraphy Gorgeous Pair of INLAID & CARVED MIDDLE EASTERN Chairs c. 1900 antique ANTIQUE ISLAMIC SWORD TURKISH OTTOMAN SILVER KOFTGARI Kilij Pala Shamshir Dagger Large Impressive Islamic/ Persian Shrine, Display Centre-Piece 106cm Persian Market Norblin Nickel Silver Samovar with Original Bowl FINE ANTIQUE ISLAMIC SWORD YATAGHAN TURKISH OTTOMAN GOLD SILVER dagger yatagan Rare 16th-17th C. Ottoman Turkish Long Full-Body Chain Mail Armor (shamshir) Antique repro Persian Brass jewelry / cigar Box hand embossed oriental pattern Rare Antique Matched Pair Sconce Globes Naser Al-din Shah Qajar 19th C Antique Central Asian kelim woven ceremonial hat covered traditional jewelry 1800s Talwar/Tulwar Sword Indo-Persian Hand Forged-Relic- Rusted-real Antique Antique Jambiya Dagger Middle Eastern Knife Yemen Saudi Arabia Incredible Silver ANTIQUE ETHNIC SILVER BRACELET PAIR YEMEN RASHAIDA TRIBAL CONICAL STUDS small Antique butterscotch Bakelite Yemen Amber cube beads Necklace-139 gram 12th13th century Ceramic Glazed Islamic Rare Ewer With Cows 26x13 cm Antique Ethnic Silver Tumar Pendant & Chain Turkoman Ersari Very Large turkish Vintage Carpet 3.3m X 2.5 Metres Short Pile Woollen Antique Orientalist Watercolor Painting Middle Eastern Egypt Pyramids Giza ANTIQUE ISLAMIC SILVER GUN POWDER FLASK MIDDLE-EASTERN or ARAB sword dagger ANTIQUE VINTAGE OTTOMAN EMPIRE POCKET WATCH CONVERTED TO WRISTWATCH c. 1900 Antique Vintage Persian Painting Khatam Inlay Art Wooden Frame Yemenite Bedouin Yemeni Necklace Antique Bib Yemen Silver Labba Choker Jewelry Antique butterscotch Bakelite Yemen Amber cube beads Necklace-329 gram Old Vintage Yemenite Bedouin Necklace Antique Amulet Yemen Silver Yemeni Jewelry 19th Century Persian Islamic Kashmir Gilt Bronze Enamel Teapot Destruction Of Middle East Heritage Sites Unprecedented Unesco Ancient Art Of Copper Engraving At Risk In Syria Model of Arab Carpet Sellers & Camel. Vintage 1920S Art Striker or Lighter Ottoman yatagan sword (sabre) Ottoman empire, 19th century Antique Islamic Persian Hindu Hukka Moghul Period Real Rubies Turkuoise museum's Antique Indo Persian Islamic Dagger Pesh Kabz Knife India 19th Century not sword ANTIQUE TURKISH / OTTOMAN Polychrome IZNIK POTTERY VASE Persian 13th Century Islamic Ottoman Turkish Raqqa Pottery Tankard / Dallah Coffee Pot ANTIQUE TURQUOISE IRIDESCENT BLUE GLAZE POTTERY ISLAMIC MIDDLE EAST 10th-13th C Ottoman Turkish Bronze Lighter Ewer Lighter An Ottoman yatagan sword (sabre) Turkey, 19th century Nice Early 17th-18th C. Islamic Afghani Afghanistan PULOWAR Saber Sword Shamshir Antique silver&enamel triple case Edward Prior Verge Fusee watch. Ottoman market Antique Islamic Arabic Sold Silver Calligraphy 99 Name Of God Or Allah Frame Arabian Music U0026 Middle Eastern Music Large Antique Islamic Carved Folding Side Table With Brass Tray Top 2x 19th Century ZSOLNAY PECS PORCELAIN SLIPPER SHAPE BOWLS Islamic Market Pair of beautiful rare antique Middle Eastern metal table lamps, rewired 43,5cm Antiques Dealer Shop Haul This Brings A Tear To My Eye ANTIQUE OTTOMAN ISLAMIC ARABIC SILK Kaaba CURTAIN silver & Copper embroidered Framed Islamic hand illustrated manuscript, horsemen 19th century Ottoman yatagan sword (sabre) Ottoman empire, Balkans, 19th century X-large Islamic Antique Folding Side Table With Brass Tray Top Superb Quality Antique Islamic Indo Persian Tinned Copper Vase An antique Musket dating back to the 17th century Antique Arabic Islamic Tile Iznik Ottoman Qajar Persian Quran Jota Karloza Pu Uy Original MIX 2017 RARE 800 years old Bronze Incense Burner Bakhoor Khorasan Islamic Persian Middle East Economic Backgrounder Professor Ruth Wedgwood Introduction Panel 1 Middle East Security Ottoman Turkish Bronze Sanjak Head Piece Antique Bobbin Turned Islamic Folding Side Table With Brass Covered Top Large Antique Brass Planter Indian / Persian Engraved Figures / Birds Signed Islamic Spanish / Moroccan 18th / 19th C. Glazed Pottery Inkwell Pen Stand Pottery bowl, 10th century, Nishapur Rare Islamic Writing Bowl 22 cm # 114 Old Antique Ethnographic Bedouin 800 Sterling Bells Coin Monisto Necklace Beads Old Vintage Yemenite Prayer Necklace Antique Amulet Yemeni Silver Yemen Jewelry Old Antique Lantern Vintage Oil Kerosene Islamic Hanging Gwtw Lamp Chandelier Jackson Hole Wyoming USA Town Square Live Cam Seejh Com Antique Old Middle East Islamic Turkish Shamshir Pala Kilij Sword with Scabbard Antique Islamic Middle Eastern Inay Cabinet Antique Indo Persian Islamic Ottoman Kulah Khud Armor Helmet Phoenix Etched Fine OTTOMAN TURKISH POW WW1 BEADWORK SNAKE c1918 29 INCHES LONG Antique Islamic Octagonal Carved Inlaid Side Table Large Antique Islamic Cairoware Damascus Mamluk Ottoman Hand Chased Brass Bowl CANDLES OF THE KAABA MAKKAH MACCA ISLAMIC ARABIC PENMANSHIP HOLY QURAN 80cm X 70 Antique Islamic Persian Mirror Papier Mache 18th Century Ottoman Empire Islamic Calligraphy Scissors Diamonds, Rubies & Gold 18th / 19th Century Islamic Ottoman Turkish Kutahya Pottery Dallah Coffee Pot

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