Middle Eastern Antiques

A mamluk style enamelled glass mosque Antique Middle Eastern Persian Tile Falcon Horse Antique Persian Islamic Middle Eastern Arabic Brass Vase And Lidded Bowl A Sudanese Kaskara sword Sudan, 19th early 20th century Orientalist Ottoman Style Islamic Huge Harem Lock Padlock Antique Qajar dystany Persian islamic Arabic glazed ceramic tile size 23.5x23.5 Antique Damascened Islamic Persian / Ottoman Calligraphy Scissors ANTIQUE 19thC PERSIAN MIDDLE EASTERN SOLID SILVER REPOUSSE BIRDS FLOWER BOX CASE Antique Islamic Persian Ottoman Mosque Lamp late 1800 Rare Antique Indo Persian Etched Demon Head Festival Mace, Back-scratcher Antique Middle Eastern Islamic Hand Chased & Embossed Brass Tray Superb Antique Islamic Octagonal Wooden Inlaid Side Table Superb Antique Hexagonal Morrocan Wooden Inlaid Table Antique OTTOMAN TURKISH TOPHANE CERAMIC PIPE c1900 Gilt Mounts Antique Safi Large Turquoise Glaze Pottery Vase with Persian Kashan Design Early 20th century Southern Iraqi Jambiya Dagger Vintage Brass Copper Silver Overlay Arabic Islamic Mamluk Arabic Vase Pot Collection of Antique Islamic Bedouin Arabic Dallah Coffee Pot Vessels & Ewers ANTIQUE OTTOMAN TURKISH JANISSARY HELMET ISLAMIC ARMOUR no sword shamshir Safavid Islamic Tinned Copper Bowl 17th Century Rare and impressive Tuareg sword with European blade 18th 19th century Antique Unique Ottoman Turkish Gilt Copper Jewelry Trinket Box Arabic Persian Indo Islamic Koftgari Silver & Gold Damascene Scribes Inkwell 19th Century 19th Century Yemeni Jambiya Janbiya Dagger Hilt Leather Scabbard Small Arabic Antique 19C North Africa Oriental Vase Islamic Pottery RARE FINE SIGNED ANTIQUE ISLAMIC 14th CENTURY FARS SILVER INLAID BRASS BOWL 19th C. Islamic Arabic Silver Mounted JAMBIYA Dagger 19th Century Turkish Ottoman Arnauten Warrior Belt Leather Carnelian Brass A fine flissa (flyssa) sword (sabre) Algeria, 19th century Antique Persian Engraved Tinned Copper Large Tray Ahora Madza King Animals 26 Antique Islamic Arabic Cloisonné Enamel Solid Silver Bowl Form Of Lidded Apple Vintage islamic turkish gold damascened iron shamshir kilij sword crossguard Antique Islamic Persian Painting Miniature Fine & Large 27 Italian Orientalist Painting CIRO MAZINI, c. 1890 antique A scarce yatagan sword (sabre) Balkans, probably Bosnia, 19th century Extremely Fine Antique Islamic Qajar Middle Eastern Hand Chased Brass Tray Extremely rare takuba sword for boy Sahara area, 18th 19th century Antique Moroccan nimcha sword Morocco, 18th 19th century Indo-Persian talwar sword with maker's marks India, 18th 19th century Caucasian qama (kindjal) sword 19th century Antique Heavy Brass Bronze Jewelry Casket Lockbox Indian Turkish Persian Islamic Indo Persian khanda hilted talwar with a kilij shape blade India 19th century Antique 19th C. Copper Kashkul Persian Beggar's Bowl A fine Moroccan nimcha sword Morocco, 18th early 19th century A Sudanese Kaskara sword Sudan, 1st half 20th century A Moroccan nimcha sword (sabre) with an early European blade 17h 18th century Large Turkish Ottoman Jewellery Box c. 1880 MUSEUM WORTHY Antique Persian Style Middle Eastern Islamic Silver Bowl by LAHIJI C16th Style Ottoman Turkish Engraved Brass Cadlestick 19th Century Antique kabyle Algerian flyssa (flissa) dagger Algeria early 20th century A rare Tuareg sabre (sword) Sahara area, 18th 19th century Ornate Islamic Arabic Arab JAMBIYA Dagger with Beautiful Gold Threaded Belt Rare Antique Persian Copper Vase With A Ancient Story Beautifully Hand Engraved Antique indian armour not shield helmet tulwar shamshir mace Caucasian kindjal (kinjal qama) Caucasus, 19th century ANTIQUE INDO-PERSIAN STEEL SHIELD KOFTGARI DHAL ISLAMIC ARMOUR no helmet sword A fine long Berber (Algerian) flissa sword (yatagan shape) Algeria 19th cent Vintage Emirates Gold Co. 1 KG 9950 Ego Gold Bar Printing Iron Dye, Uae (118) A Rare Late 14th / Early 15th Century Islamic Carved Pottery Tile Antique Islamic Turkish Ottoman Gilt Copper Tombak Rosewater Sprinkler Ancient Arabic Persian copper Water Jug Pitcher Uday Hussein Huge Moroccan nimcha sabre (sword) Morocco 18th 19th century Antique Persian Miniature Painting Hunting Scene In Silver Amulet/pendant Vintage 23 Copper Middle Eastern Folding Wood Base Table Engraved Drink Tray Vintage Middle Eastern or Chinese Dowry Chest With Horse Carving & Brass Decor Antique Islamic Persian Qajar Order Of Lion And Sun Badges Medal Old Middle Eastern Damascus Inlaid Brass Bowl with Unique Shape beautiful Large Antique middle eastern wool carpet Vintage Persian Bowl Antique Islamic Brass Engraved Original Hammered With Lid Antique Islamic Middle Eastern Brass Chased Pictorial Fruit Bowl Unique antique 18th Century Ottoman silver&engraved hard stone red wax seal ring Antique Islamic Folding Side Table With Brass Tray Top A large Ottoman yatagan sword dated 1292 of the Islamic calendar (1875) 19th Century HISPANO MORESQUE LUSTRE ALBARELLO JAR Moroccan nimcha sword with a fine blade signed ANDREA FERARA 17th century

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