Middle Eastern Antiques

Antique Brass Table LampMiddle EasternPersianCalligraphyPiercedEtched Stunning Antique Islamic Wooden Inlaid Side Table Genuine 400 Year Old Persian Miniatures-Safavid/Qajar/Islamic/Mughal/Turkish FINE ANTIQUE ISLAMIC SWORD YATAGHAN TURKISH OTTOMAN GOLD SILVER dagger yatagan Antique sun mark NIELLO SILVER & GOLD INLAY with SCRIPT islamic LIDDED BOX Omani Khanjar JAMBIYA Early 20th C. SILVER High Quality Piece Dagger ANTIQUE 19th C ISLAMIC MAMLUK SILVER INLAID BRASS DALLAH 35 cm Antique C19th Islamic Persian Qajar Copper Fine Hand Engraved & Signed Pot Vase Antique Persian Or Syrian Turquoise Glazed Plate Islamic Antiques, Middle Eastern Bedouin Bracelets, 1980-1920 Lot 3 Pieces Islamic middle eastern antiques Vintage Hanging Balance Scale Middle Eastern Metal Antiques Middle Eastern Pottery Antiques, Late Islamic Ceramic Flask Bottle Fine INDO QAJAR KOFTGARI Gold & Silver Inlaid STEEL PICTURE FRAME 19th Century Antique Brass Box Cairo Ware Arabic Persian Ottoman Lined Islamic Calligraphy Antique Indo Persian Shamshir Tulwar Sword & Scabbard Disc-Hilt knucklebow C1800 Vintage Old Antique Yemenite Bedouin Tribal Arab Ethnic Silver Women Necklace N8 Antique Islamic Persian Art Brass 46 cm Tray Antique Silver Yemenite Medallion Ornament Pendant brooch pin Filigree Tribal Antique Islamic middle eastern Turquoise Glazed bowl Kashan Old PERSIAN MANUSCRIPT Painted ILLUMINATED MINIATURE MUGHAL CALLIGRAPHY Book Art Original Antique Islamic Persian Art Qajar Period Hammer Engraved Brass 58c Tray 18th Century Ottoman Empire Islamic Calligraphy Scissors Diamonds, Rubies & Gold Middle Eastern Sterling Silver Box Circa 1920 Antique Copy Of A Middle Eastern Interior Scene Painting Vintage PERSIAN Painting on Bone Khatam Marquetry Frame Playing Polo Antique Persian Islamic Silver Inlaid Dagger and Scabbard 80015 Auth Mid 19th C Antique Turkmen Tribal Artifact RARE Ersari Bukhara Museum Pc Antique Large Unusual Middle Eastern Persian Brass Inkwell Pen Box Qalamdan Persian Samovar 7 Piece Electric Tea Set Gold Plated Middle Eastern. WOW Appraising Antiques With Dr Lori Antique Persian Tile Plaque Glazed Islamic Iznik Porcelain Persien/Persian Medal Order oft the Lion and sun with case Large Antique Islamic Brass Tray with Silver Calligraphy and wooden stand Antique Islamic Middle Eastern Mamluk Brass Box with Silver & Copper Inlay Antique Indo-Persian Copper Samovar Travel Tea Kettle Islamic Bedouin Hooka Prop Vintage Yemenite Bedouin Necklace Antique Hadram Yemen Silver Yemeni Jewelry 3OZ EARLY 20TH C ANTIQUE MIDDLE-EASTERN BRASS INCENSE BURNER, WithCRESCENT MOON/STAND Antique Middle Eastern Persian Mirror Paper Maché Lacquer & Wood Qajar Period Vintage 46 Oval Brass Moroccan Coffee Table Mid Century Foldable Spider Legs Antique Persian Arabic Hammered Engraved Brass Table Top Wall Hanging Tray 38x26 Certified Used for Prophet Muhammed S. A. W Chamber Grave Cloth Antique Arabic Ottoman Turkish Silver Yatagan Empire Sword Sabre Islamic Damas Antique Egyptian Vertical Embroidered Beige And Blue Wall Mustafa al-Zarifi 1842 OTTOMAN BULGARIA ARABIC ISLAMIC QURAN MANUSCRIPT KORAN Antique Set Of 4 Middle Eastern Moorish Style 19th Cent HUGE OLD ANTIQUE ISLAMIC CAIROWARE INLAID OTTOMAN CURTAIN KAABA Maqam Ibrahim Fascinating Arabic Astrology Manuscript (occult) Large Antique Persian Round Tray Hammered Copper Handcrafted Birds Deer OLD 23 Fantastic Islamic Manuscript Dalayel Khayrat 1306 Ah (1888 Ad) Turkish Ottoman Antique Large Brass Sword Shamshir Kilij Cross Guard Good Quality ANTIQUE SYRIAN WINE TABLE Islamic Design & Made In HEAVY BRASS Rare antique French Souriau a Paris 18k gold&enamel pocket watch&box. FOR REPAIR Wooden Exercise Clubs Persian Meels, Indian Clubs 1 Pair Cherry Color A very good old Takouba sword great blade, sword of the Tuareg c 1850s Antique Persian Islamic Baluch Rug Fine 18th C. Islamic Turkish PALA / Kilij / Shamshir Sword with Damascus Blade Antique Egyptian Engraved Brass Tray Table & Wooden Folding Base 57cm Diameter 19th C. ANTIQUE OTTOMAN OR QAJAR PERSIAN ASTROLABE ARABIC ISLAMIC ANTIQUE 20thC PERSIAN SOLID SILVER MASSIVE WALL PLAQUE / TRAY, VAFADAR c. 1930 Pair Antique Persian Middle Eastern Islamic Engraved Brass Bowls 19th Century Yemenite Vintage Yemeni Necklace Antique East Yemen Silver Labbah Choker Jewelry 89x122 RUG HAND KNOTTED WOOL ORIENTAL Antique Blue Red Handmade Floral 7'x10ft STERLING SILVER ASHTRAY NIELLO 1920's-40's HALLMARKED MARSH ARAB IRAQI Antique OTTOMAN EMPIRE ISLAMIC SILVER PLATED SCRIPTURE BOX c1900 Vintage Islamic Middle East Hand Chased Brass Tray Platter Plate, 15 1/4 Dia Antique Islamic Wooden Inlaid Side Table Antique Qajar Qalam Persian Large Hand Made brass Copper Islamic Tray 19 Th c An Antique Inlaid Ottoman Octagonal Table 5th Sep Master Class Featuring Christmas Border Dies Antique Islamic / Persian Steel Travelling Scribes Inkstand / Candlestick Indian Silver Wine Cooler c1925 SIGNED LION HANDLES Antique Islamic Folding Side Table With Brass Covered Top Kingo Brand ANTIQUE PERSIAN ROUND CERAMIC TILE PLAQUE, WithMYSTICAL ANIMAL BIRD FLOWERS 10.5 Antique Vintage Sterling Silver 925 Turkish Handmade Mesh Choker Necklace

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