Middle Eastern Antiques

LARGE CAIROWARE ISLAMIC MAMLUK REVIVAL BRASS TRAY c1900 26.4 Vintage 1920's/30's Balian Armenian Jerusalem Pottery Plate Palestine Israel Set Of Six Ottoman Silver Zarfs Islamic Mamluk Revival Bird Form Incense Burner Murano Glass Silver Copper Middle Eastern Vase Garage Yard Estate Sale Finds Pick Ups 1 31 14 Lahiji 77cm 7.7kg Antique Islamic Middle Eastern Hand Chased Solid Silver Tray Antique Syrian Middle Eastern Moorish Revival Pierced Brass Lamp SHADE ONLY Antique 19th Islamic Ottoman Koranic silver gold amulet Hamsa pendant (m432) Antique Persian Tile. In 3D Antique Islamic Persian Ottoman lance head damascened with gold 16th Century A Highly Collectable Greek Ottoman Reposse 18 Th Century Embossed Silver Dish Antique Rectangular Persian Qajar Brass Tray Achaemenid Empire Soldiers 15½ Antique Islamic Mozaffar al Din Shah Qajar Firman Decree Gold Illuminated Farman Islamic/ Middle Eastern, PERSIAN LACQUER MIRROR CASE MUHAMMAD BAQIR 18. CENTURY Islamic arabian 4 Dallah coffee pots Oman Saudi Arabia middle eastern Antique Islamic Middle Eastern Qajar Copper Bowl Signed Orientalist Unique Art Ottoman Arabic Islamic Harem Work Wooden Chest 2x 19th Century ZSOLNAY PECS PORCELAIN SLIPPER SHAPE BOWLS Islamic Market Antique 19th C Islamic Turkish Ottoman 22ct Gold Coin Kurush 100 Piastres 7.2gra Old Persian / Islamic brass tray, 19th century INDO PERSIAN Antique TINNED COPPER BOWL DATED 1842 Kiswa from prophet Muhammad Old Grave cover in medina Antique King of Dallah Big and Beautiful Decorative Dallah Coffee Pot Royal Antique Islamic Brass Open Work Engraved Chased Kashkul Rare Arabic Persian Large Mashrabiya Turned Bobbin Picture Or Mirror Frame Antique Original Hand Hammered Brass Copper Turkish Foot Warmer Stool folk art Antique 19th C Islamic Persian Moorish Style Roberts & Belk Silver Plated Teaset C. 19th Antique Islamic Persian Ottoman Brass Dallah Coffee Pot Pair Set Lahiji 77cm 7.7kg Antique Islamic Middle Eastern Hand Chased Solid Silver Tray CANDLES OF THE KAABA MAKKAH MACCA ISLAMIC ARABIC PENMANSHIP HOLY QURAN 80cm X 70 19th C. Islamic Arabic JAMBIYA Dagger in Silver Mounts with Original Belt Antique Middle Eastern Bowl, Copper & Silver Inlay, Damascus Syria Late 19th C 4 Vintage Engraved Brass Dallah Middle Eastern Arabic Coffee Pots Antique Turkish Ottoman Wooden Silver Copper Child Bath Slipper Antique Swords By Richard Hoover Of The Company Of Military Historians 4x 22ct GOLD mid 19thC antique half toman Nasir al Din Coins 7.2gms Antique Water Jug Aftabeh Qajar Copper islamic art fine handmade And HandCarved Fantastic Antique Persian Islamic Qajar Hand Chased Figural Brass Tray 18.5in WOW! One of a kind antique Ottoman Erotic silver&enamel Ocean watch c1890'a Antique Vintage Middle Eastern SIGNED Rug Carpet Wool 6x9' Master Weaver Arabic Islamic Damascene Silver Inlaid Bowl Pot Cairoware Antique Middle Eastern Islamic Copper Engraved Pitcher Antique Persian Islamic Baluch Rug Antique Indian Brass Tray Top Folding Table Fine Quality 19th C. Asian Sri Lanka PIHA-KAETTA Dagger Very Fine Silver & Solid Gold mounted 19th C. Islamic Arabic Arab JAMBIYA Dagger Islamic Syrian Enameled Copper Pot Early 20thC, Islamic, Middle Eastern, pierced hanging brass Mosque lantern, 90cm Small, Hexagonal Antique Inlaid Islamic Cafe Table Antique Islamic Syrian Inlay Side Table jardinier Antique Kamasutra Musical Automaton Amorous Scene Fine Vintage Argentinian Silver Yerba Mate Cup With A Silver And 18k Gold Straw Antique Islamic Ottoman Turkish Tophane Pottery INDO PERSIAN KASHMIR Antique PAPIER MACHE CASKET / BOX 19th Century Islamic Art Antique Ceremonial Parade Uzbek or Afghani Horse Blanket 80long colorful cotton Antique Islamic Indo Persian Pipe Huqqa Hookah Solid Sterling Silver 2.14 kg Antique Middle Eastern Flat Woven Saddle Bag Kilim Superb Ancient Near Eastern Bronze Horse C 4th 6th Cent AD From. Persia Antique 17th Century Damascus tile Antique 17th Century Damascus tile OTTOMAN TURKISH GILT COPPER ENAMEL & WOOD CANDLE STAND 19th Century Arab Bedouin And Jewish Judaica Antiques Islamic Antique Stone Antique Silver Uzbek Coral Turquoise Necklace IMPORTANT Circa 1845 Middle Eastern Fine Silver on Copper Large Bowl Antique Silver ethnic tribal bedouin gypsy Egyptian Zar Headdress Antique Bracelet Ottoman Islamic Silver Coins 1923 Rare Antique Persian Islamic Baluch Rug Fine QAJAR Engraved BRASS BOWL c1910 PRINCELY FIGURES Orientalist Unique Art Ottoman Mother Of Pearl & Bone Inlay Dresser Arabic Islam Garage Estate Sale Finds Video 29 Antique Sevres Sterling Silver Yarn Antique Islamic Syrian Corner Cabinet Vintage Moroccan Inlaid Table, Mother Of Pearl Inlaid Table Oman Saudi OLD 18/19th Century Indo-Persian Mughal Islamic Ornate Leather Dhal Battle Shield

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