Middle Eastern Antiques

Ottoman Turkish 17th / 18th Century Brass Tulip Candlestick Antique Ottoman Turk Era 925 Clasp Silver Art Deco Filigree Bracelet Beautiful Tunisian antique traditional silver necklace Rihana berbere Magnificent Antique Ethnic Middle Eastern Solid Sterling Silver Bangle Bracelet Antique Persian Style Middle Eastern Handmade Solid Silver Sugar Bowl & Tongs Ancient Nishapur Persian pottery Bowl with Girl pattern Decoration. 10-13th C Antique Middle Eastern Copper Brass Serving Bowl Tray Snake Handles Rustic Antique MIDDLE-EAST Inlaid Backgammon Chip Box with Poker Chips c. 1920s Persian Vintage Ornate Large Brass Brazier Turkish Middle Eastern Censer Incense Burner Beautiful Vintage/antique 7x11 Authentic Middle Eastern Rug Handmade Persian Enamel Art Mina Kari Wall Hanging Plate & Vase Enamelled SET 7,000 Years of Seals Indus Sumer Rome Babylon Assyria Ur Greek Minoan Mycenea Antique Persian 10TH CENTURY FIRDOUSI Shahnama WATERCOLOR BOOK OF KINGS Antique Wall Tapestry Middle Eastern Village Camel Horse Persian Vintage Runner HUGE! Antique 22'' Islamic Middle East Bedouin Engraved Dallah Tea Coffee Pot OTTOMAN TURKISH POW Carved WW1 TRENCH ART CIGARETTE CASE c1918 Rare Antique Islamic Sufi Dervish Carved Coco De Mer Kashkul Bowl 18/19th FINELY ANTIQUE ISLAMIC ARABIC CUP CANDLESTICK GOLD DAMASCENED STEEL Antique Middle Eastern Islamic Large Engraved Brass Charger with Hanging Bracket Antique Museum PC 1600 C Gold Illuminated Safavid Miniature Painting Islamic Art Orientalist Ottoman Style Islamic Big Harem Lock Padlock With Two Keys Antique Sterling Silver Holy Land MALTESE CROSS Amethyst Pendant Necklace 19.5 Antique Yemeni silver Bedouin Jewish Handmade belt waistband 210gram Antique Moorish Folding Side Coffee Mashrabiya Table Brass Tray Liberty Style Antique OTTOMAN TURKISH TOMBAK GILT COPPER & ENAMEL ZARF CUP c1890 Silver Ring Agate Stone Clouds 1225 hijiri Antique Persian/Middle East Handmade 84% Silver Tea glass cup holders&Sugar bowl Trash Pick Thrift Estate Sale Shop With Me Vintage Antique Antique hand made Indo-Persian Islamic wavy sword with scabord 32 inch long Antique Persian Qajar Copper Brass Vase Urn Pierced Engraved Islamic Middle East Mughal Islamic Indo-Persian silver damascened Yemeni Arabic jambiya dagger knife Antique Moroccan Wood Chest, Middle Eastern Trunk, Mother of Pearl Inlaid Box Zurqieh -co15h- Ancient Jordan. Roman Bronze Oil Lamp. 100 200 A. D Pre Islamic History Of The Middle East Zurqieh Af658- Ancient Canaanite Faience Cylinder Seal. Gold. 1700 1550 B. C Large Middle Eastern Brass Charger Tray Asian Antique Vintage Antique Silver Washed Copper 49cm Diameter Persian Middle Eastern Tray Table Indo Persian Koftgari Gold Damascene Box 19th Century Rare Outstanding Antique Islamic Hexgonal Wooden Inlaid Side Table The Most Expensive Purchases Ever Made On Pawn Stars Antique Moroccan Ceramic Lidded Vase From Fez With Silver Filigree Very Large 18th-19th C. Ottoman YATAGAN Sword with Turkish Ribbon Damascus Blade Ancient Syrian Stone Eye Idol Tell Brak Circa 3000 BC PROVENANCE Very Rare Engraved Indo-Persian shield, sipar, around 1800, demons, mythical creatures Chiseled Persian Sipar Shield, 19th c. Qajar Period, Gold Inlay, Fabric Inside Antique Middle Eastern Copper Chased Pair Of Pictorial Planter Antique Persian Islamic Sterling Silver Citrine Gems Drop/Dang Large Earrings Beautiful Egyptian Music U0026 Arabian Music Lost Sands Of Time Large Vintage Turkish Middle East Copper Hand Made Coffee Tea Pot Pitcher Antique 18th century qajar persian islamic COPPER BOWL Antique Ethnic Bedouin Yemen Silver Brass Coins & Coral Handmade Earrings 10 gr Antique Silver, Copper & Brass Islamic Persian Censor Incense Burner 25 cm Antique luxury copper vase bowl handmade persian Isfahan qalam zani qajar Antique Middle Eastern Artwork Painting On Islamic Arabic Or Urdu Book Leaf Rare Rare Ancient Middle Eastern Byzantine Rock crystal Finial Circa 8 -11 C AD Antique Middle East Ottoman Turkey Turkish Culturel Wedding Women Headdress Antique Turkish Ottoman Islamic Embroidery Silver Embroidered Coins Wallet Late Night Live Sale U0026 Music Lounge Antiques U0026 Vintage Reselling Large Carved Antique Indian Folding Side Table With Brass Tray Top Beautiful 19th C. Antique Persian Empire Pottery Vase Hand Painted Stamped, MB222 Very Rare Antique 15th Century Islamic Persian Safavid Quran Koran Cover Binding Antique Afghan Indo-Persian Small Knife Choora Dagger Pesh Kabz Khyber Armor Antique Ottoman Turkish Calligrapher Iron Gold Inlaid Scissors Arabic Islamic Antique Turkish Ottoman Islamic Sword Shamshir In Silver Damascus Steel Wootz (B) Antique Silver And Natural Coral Ring Yemen Filigree Antique Ottoman 8k gold, silver, Enamel&Rose Cut Diamonds Hat Pin in original box Persian Silver Peacock 1967-1979 by Sevan Vintage Retro Antique Samovar DIVIT. Antique copper brass Pen Case (Divit). XIXth C. Ancien divit Antique Khanja Vintage Islamic Ottoman Silver Dagger Knife Jambiya Khanjar ANTIQUE BRASS TRAY ISLAMIC MIDDLE EASTERN CALLIGRAPHY WILDLIFE LARGE 58cm VTG Antique Islamic Barley Twist Folding Side Table With Brass Covered Top Vintage Islamic Arabic Brass topped wooden side table 18 Tall x 15 wide Antique Moroccan Fez Islamic Arabic Geometric Silver Plated Brass Tray Signed Indo Persian Mughal Islamic Silver Inlaid Ottoman Afghan Pesh Kabz/khyber Knife

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