Middle Eastern Antiques

19th C. Antique Islamic Persian Ottoman Mamluk Silver Inlaid Calligraphy Bowl Ottoman-arabic Ruhani & Koran Juzaa Manuscript (occult) 13 The Assyrians Empire Of Iron Imam Ali, pendants necklace islamic Vintage Arabic Islamic Arabic Cairoware Damascus Copper Mamluk Dome Box Casket Antique Islamic Enamel & Gilt Copper / Tombak Tray c. 1880 Antique Persian Miniature Painting of Musicians in the Garden, 19thc. Or earlier Antique Yemeni silver Bedouin Jewish Handmade necklace Exploring Ireland S Paranormal Middle Eastern Roots Folklore Atlantis Baal LARGE CAIROWARE ISLAMIC MAMLUK REVIVAL BRASS TRAY c1900 23.4 Franz Bergman Orientalist Bronze Lamp Ottoman Provinces Antique Silver Gilt Enamel & Carnelain Necklace 19th Century Antique Middle Eastern Persian Hand Tooled Brass Urn Pot Jar Table Lamp Antique Islamic Dallah Middle Eastern Arabic Bedouin Silver Coffee Pot FINE ANTIQUE 19th C ISLAMIC DAMASCUS CAIROWARE PERSIAN SILVER INLAID BRASS BOWLS Dallah Islamic Omani Middle East Saudi UAE Arabic Coffee Pot Large 43cm Tall Large Middle Eastern Hand Printed Throw 100cm x 200cm Antique Store Picking Marietta Ohio Tin Toys Old Bottles Antiques Antique islamic Afghan Khyber Knife Straigh Blade Short sword Dagger Messer KH17 Antique Koummiya Arabic, Islamic Mofit Silver Chiseled Floral Dagger Jambiya 19th ANTIQUE OTTOMAN TURKISH GOLD METALLIC HAND EMBROIDERED LONG JACKET 19th C ANTIQUE OTTOMAN TURKISH GOLD METALLIC HAND EMBROIDERED PANEL 127cm Art Looted From War Zones Dw Documentary WWI Ottoman Empire Turkey Flag 1900s Rare Very Large Battle Flag Turkish Large SAFI Vintage Moroccan Pottery Hand Painted Vase Signed, 25cm 18/19th ANTIQUE OTTOMAN ILLUMINATED QURAN KORAN MANUSCRIPT CALLIGRAPHY ISLAMIC Antique Early 19th Century Turkish Sword Yataghan Ottoman Yatagan Vtg late 1880s-1920s Mid Eastern Oriental Palm Tree Pierced Brass Table Lamp Fine Antique Islamic Damascus Mamluk Cairoware Persian Silver Inlaid Brass Basin Antique Yemenite Filigree silver Necklace with turquoise beads Islamic Bridal Yemen Jambiya Khanjar Antique Islamic Curved Dagger Knife 15 Most Valuable Things In The World Superb Heavy Gauge Asian/Middle Eastern Silver Hinged Cheroot Case No Monogram ANTIQUE OTTOMAN SABRE SHAMSHIR TURKISH SWORD persian kilij Antique Pearl inlaid OTTOMAN Pair Clogs Turkish Woman Hamam Shoes Naln Sandals UNUSUAL Ottoman Antique Arabic Intaglio Seal Fob, Persian Islamic Rare #15101 CANDLES OF THE KAABA OTTOMAN MACCA ISLAMIC ARABIC PENMANSHIP HOLY QURAN 80cm X70 Antique Extremly Rare Ottoman Emboidered Pasha Uniform Antique Large Islamic Dallah Coffee Pot Arabian Middle Eastern Arabic Bedouin # Large Antique 19th Century Royal Worcester Persian Style Ewer Vase Circa 1882 CANDLES OF THE KAABA MAKKAH MACCA ISLAMIC ARABIC PENMANSHIP HOLY QURAN 80cm X 70 Zurqieh -as19189- Ancient Roman, Bronze Head Of Satyr. 100 200 A. D Rare 17th C. Islamic Ottoman Turkish All-Steel Flanged Battle Mace (shamshir) RARE Vintage Antique Brass Middle Eastern Persian Turkish Foot Warmer Stool E740 Antique Japanese Hinawaju Matchlock Black Powder Flask FIVE ITEMS Antique Solid Brass Tray Cold Painted Engraved 11.5 Girls Featuring Water Scene Antique Middle Eastern Sterling Silver Filigree Lace Cuff Bracelet 7 1/2 Fine Antique Islamic Silver Copper Inlay Tray Mamluk Cairoware Persian Arabic Antique Middle Eastern Persain Hand Knotted Wool Rug. 197cm x 114cm FINE ANTIQUE 19th C PERSIAN QAJAR ISLAMIC HAND CHISELED GOLD INLAID STEEL VASES Scary To Scarce Flea Market Shop With Me Antique Vintage 19th Century Ottoman Gold damascened Calligraphers Scissors Turkey Superb Batman Adventures #12 CGC 9.0 Graded 1st Harley Quinn Appearance VF/NM Antique 18thC-Persian Integral blade Damascus Kard Knife Dagger-FOSSILIZED Hilt Pair of Vintage Persian Islamic Solid Silver Candlesticks Ottoman Turkish 17th / 18th Century Brass Tulip Candlestick Antique Ottoman Turk Era 925 Clasp Silver Art Deco Filigree Bracelet Beautiful Tunisian antique traditional silver necklace Rihana berbere Magnificent Antique Ethnic Middle Eastern Solid Sterling Silver Bangle Bracelet Antique Persian Style Middle Eastern Handmade Solid Silver Sugar Bowl & Tongs Ancient Nishapur Persian pottery Bowl with Girl pattern Decoration. 10-13th C Antique Middle Eastern Copper Brass Serving Bowl Tray Snake Handles Rustic Antique MIDDLE-EAST Inlaid Backgammon Chip Box with Poker Chips c. 1920s Persian Vintage Ornate Large Brass Brazier Turkish Middle Eastern Censer Incense Burner Beautiful Vintage/antique 7x11 Authentic Middle Eastern Rug Handmade Persian Enamel Art Mina Kari Wall Hanging Plate & Vase Enamelled SET 7,000 Years of Seals Indus Sumer Rome Babylon Assyria Ur Greek Minoan Mycenea Antique Persian 10TH CENTURY FIRDOUSI Shahnama WATERCOLOR BOOK OF KINGS Antique Wall Tapestry Middle Eastern Village Camel Horse Persian Vintage Runner HUGE! Antique 22'' Islamic Middle East Bedouin Engraved Dallah Tea Coffee Pot OTTOMAN TURKISH POW Carved WW1 TRENCH ART CIGARETTE CASE c1918 Rare Antique Islamic Sufi Dervish Carved Coco De Mer Kashkul Bowl 18/19th FINELY ANTIQUE ISLAMIC ARABIC CUP CANDLESTICK GOLD DAMASCENED STEEL Antique Middle Eastern Islamic Large Engraved Brass Charger with Hanging Bracket Antique Museum PC 1600 C Gold Illuminated Safavid Miniature Painting Islamic Art

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