Middle Eastern Antiques

Antique Old Middle East Islamic Turkish Shamshir Pala Kilij Sword with Scabbard Antique Islamic Middle Eastern Inay Cabinet Antique Indo Persian Islamic Ottoman Kulah Khud Armor Helmet Phoenix Etched Fine OTTOMAN TURKISH POW WW1 BEADWORK SNAKE c1918 29 INCHES LONG Antique Islamic Octagonal Carved Inlaid Side Table Large Antique Islamic Cairoware Damascus Mamluk Ottoman Hand Chased Brass Bowl CANDLES OF THE KAABA MAKKAH MACCA ISLAMIC ARABIC PENMANSHIP HOLY QURAN 80cm X 70 Antique Islamic Persian Mirror Papier Mache 18th Century Ottoman Empire Islamic Calligraphy Scissors Diamonds, Rubies & Gold 18th / 19th Century Islamic Ottoman Turkish Kutahya Pottery Dallah Coffee Pot An Ottoman yatagan sword 19th century Antique Indian / Persian Dahl Shield. 11 in. Brass Dahl /Shield with red /black-2 Antique 16th -18th century Turkish Ottoman Islamic War Hammer to sword shamshir MUSEUM WORTHY Antique Persian Style Middle Eastern Islamic Silver Tray by LAHIJI FINE Antique Islamic MINAKARI Mina Enamel on Copper Raised Bowl Compote Adihex 2019 Hunting Equestrian U0026 Heritage Preservation Vblog Part 1 Vintage Franz Bergman Austrian Bronze Arabic Statue Vintage Moroccan Hand Carved Hardwood Inlaid Mother of Pearl MOP Side End Table Rare Antique Persian Qajar Islamic Sufi Dervish Carved Coco De Mer Kashkul Bowl Antique Islamic Qajar Manuscript Gold Illuminated Calligraphy Panel Signed Dated 19th century Persian miniature Qajar dynasty 19th C. ANTIQUE ENGRAVED PERSIAN COPPER VASE EMBOSSED FLOWERS & BIRDS 10 TALL Large Victorian Polished Bronze Lamassu Sculpture c. 1880 Antique Nimcha Moroccan Saif Sword 18th 19th century Islamic Fine Morocco ART Massive 18th C. Islamic Turkish KILIJ / SHAMSHIR Sword, Gold Inlaid Wootz Blade Antique Medieval Islamic Pottery Kashan Sultanabad ceramic Bowl Seljuk # 114 Antique Islamic Seljuq Ilkhanid Lustre Tile Kashan Ntanz, w calligraphy, 14th cen Ottoman yatagan sword (sabre) Ottoman empire, 19th century Very Good 18th C. Russian Bukhara or Turkish Wootz Damascus TABAR Axe (shamshir) Vintage Omani nizwa Omani brass Dallah Coffee Pot Bedouin Hand craved Antique Islamic Persian Copper Bowl, Hammered Decorations, Great Old Patina Large Antique Islamic Art 18th Century Qajar / Zand Dynasty Ceramic Tile Mihrab Antique 20thc Rare Persian Islamic Lahiji Solid Silver Vase Isfahan C1900 Fine 18th C. Islamic Turkish PALA / Kilij / Shamshir Sword with Damascus Blade Ottoman Period Islamic Figural Iron & Gold Inlay Powder Flask Original Antique Persian Islamic Art Qajar Period Hammer Engraved Brass 67c Tray Mosaic World News From The Middle East 03 05 04 Antique Islamic Middle Eastern Dallah Coffee Pot 15 Antique Persian Islamic Damascus Ottoman Silver & Copper Inlaid Brass Tray Authentic Kaaba Kiswa Old & Original Global Journalist The Looted Antiquities Trade ANTIQUE SUPER LARGE 34x34 Inch ISLAMIC ARABIC BRASS&SILVER MIDDLE EASTERN TRAY 19th CENTURY ANTIQUE OTTOMAN TURKISH GOLD PROCESSING SCISSORS ARABIC ISLAMIC Exploring The Largest Coffee Museum In The Middle East In Dubai Payanam Vlog Old Middle Eastern Camel Bone & Brass Box with Handmade Mat Ottoman Turkish Tophane Ceramic Pipe Fuchez 19th Century Antique Turkish Ceramic Pottery Hand Painted Polychrome Iznik Style Vase 10 Antique Moroccan Safi Hand Painted Ceramic Pottery Vase Middle Eastern 10 Antique Persian Ewer circa. 1860 Copper Middle Eastern Water Jug ISFAHAN A fine Omani jambiya dagger Oman, mid 20th century Islamic Vintage Art Collectible Featuring Arabic Calligraphy Brass Bowl 19th century Ottoman Middle Eastern Moorish Mother Of Pearls Wood Chairs. (3) Destruction Of Monuments And Memory In The Middle East Press Coverage Q U0026a Gulf Focus Ali Mohammed 27s Antique Collection Antique 18th century Indo-Persian Islamic Mughal Shield to sword Talwar Tulwar Antique Islamic Art Qajar Firman Mozafar Al Din Shah Signed & Seal Document Faces Of Ancient Middle East Part 24 Bithynia Antique Perisan Ottoman Turkish Islamic Sword Dagger Central Asia Knife Mughal Antique Persian Qajar Middle Eastern Islamic Copper Vases Ghalam Zani Large Middle Eastern Antique Woollen Hand Knotted Carpet RARE ANTIQUE ISLAMIC 16th CENTURY MAMLUK DAMASCUS / CAIROWARE ARABIC COPPER BOX Rare Vessel Egyptian Ancient Egypt Stone Old Kingdom Faience Bc Antique Vase Antique neillo Silver craved Dagger Knife Khanjar Caucasia Islamic Middle Easter For Persian Market Rare Austrian Sterling Silver And Enamel Vesta Cigarette Case Vintage XL Kilim Camel Saddle Bag Rug Persian / Turkish 67 x 140cm Islamic Antique Persian, Qajar Dynasty Pictorial TILE #1 Mama Falafel Middle Eastern Restaurant In Elsternwick VIC For Delicious Vegan Food LARGE antique 1700's handmade Middle Eastern pottery figural lady tile painting A Royal Saudi Arabian Silver and Silver-Gilt Jambiya Khanjar Dagger, Malachite ANTIQUE ANGLO INDIAN PERSIAN STEEL INLAID KOFTGARI DAMASCENE BOX LATE 19th CENT Vintage middle eastern Rug, Soft Wool And Muted Colours Antiquel Turkish Ottoman Dagger Khanjar Islamic Jambiya 19th Century A mamluk style enamelled glass mosque Antique Middle Eastern Persian Tile Falcon Horse Antique Persian Islamic Middle Eastern Arabic Brass Vase And Lidded Bowl

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