Middle Eastern Antiques

A Look At An Antique Vietnamese Tr Ng Ao With Test Cutting Stunning Rare Decagonal Antique Islamic Inlaid Side Table Snake beads black color amulets Antique Victorian Egyptian Engraved Brass Topped Folding Table Antique Middle Eastern Palestine Pottery Painted Charger Antique 19th Century Middle Eastern Islamic Bronze Armor Model Figure 7.5 Tall Antique Ethnic Silver Bracelet Turkoman Yomud Antique Moroccan Brass Tray Table Circa 1930s CANDLES OF THE KAABA MAKKAH MACCA ISLAMIC ARABIC PENMANSHIP HOLY QURAN 80cm X 70 Stunning North African Middle Eastern Solid Silver Snuff Box c1890 Antique Turkey Turkish Ottoman Empire Coat of Arm Silk Gold Thread Atlas Fabric Buying Antiques U0026 Collectables From Car Boot Sale To Make Profit Reseller Resale Resell Original Antique Ottoman Period Islamic Art Hammer Engraved Copper 78cm Tray Antique Islamic Folding Side Table With Brass Tray Top Persian Safavid Silk Fabric (1501-1722) AC Antique Afghan Khyber Knife Straigh Blade Islamic sword dagger messer 18/13 Antique Islamic Persian Helmet Modern Art Antiques On Show At Lebanese Museum John Berberian Oud Artistry 1965 Antique Islamic Folding Side Table With Brass Tray Top Islamic Antique Large Mosque Lamp Copper Openwork Superb Kashmir / Afghanistan Antique Hand Carved Jain Wood Indian Statue India Middle Eastern 24 Wall Antiquities Expert On Black Market For Historical Treasures Antique Ottoman Turkish pocket watch Constantinople Richard Kroecker Vintage Afghan Embroidered Sheeps Wool Lined Vest Boho Uu482 Adihex 2019 Hunting Equestrian U0026 Heritage Preservation Part 2 A VERY BEAUTIFUL Amazing HUGE ISLAMIC CURTAIN DOOR KAABA Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Islamic Qajar Brass Calligraphy Hand Very Important Piece Really Rare Piece Islamic Kiswa Cloth From The Tomb Of The Prophet Muhammad (saw) Large Hexagonal Antique Islamic Carved Wooden Inlaid Side Table With Shelf Antique Ersari Tekke Turkoman Turkmen Silver Tribal dangle Earrings 19th Century Fine Large Islamic Persian Mamluk Revival Cairware Incense Burner 75 CM H Islamic Silver Coffee Pot c1960 Signed Bird Finial Antique 18th Century Persian Hand Written Hand Painted Book Page Double Sided HUGE OLD ANTIQUE ISLAMIC CAIROWARE INLAID WITH BRASS OTTOMAN CURTAIN KAABA 6 me Antique Qajar jewelry Silver RARE ANTIQUE SWORD ISLAMIC CALLIGRAPHY DAMASCUS WOOTZ Kilij Shamshir Dagger 18c Salchicha Meat Restaurant In Vancouver Bc Offering Middle Eastern And African Food Antique Yemeni silver Bedouin Jewish Handmade necklace 106 g bakelite beads Antique Islamic Middle Eastern Brass Calligraphy Large Tray Huge antique handmade copper brass Middle Eastern dovetailed teapot kettle Islamic ring, Surah Al-Tawheed Large Antique Islamic Octagonal Wooden Inlaid Side Table RARE Antique LARGE Persian Indian Brass Charger Tray Mythical Creatures Dogs 5kg Antique Moroccan nimcha sword Morocco, 18th 19th century +++ fine Islamic arabian Omani Jambiya dagger 19th C with rare african horn +++ 10 Most Expensive And Rare Cars Of All Time Antique Turkish Ottoman Islamic Naval Janissary Silver Sword Yatagan Very Rare Middle Eastern Syrian Inlaid Marquetry Mosaic Octagonal Jewelry Box Antique Ottoman Lantern Turkish Antique large ornately carved wood tall Koran / Quran stand Vintage Jewelry Box Inlaid Micro Mosaic and Bone Marquetry Persian khatam kari Antique Islamic Octagonal Wooden Inlaid Side Table Million Dollar Vintage Rolex Collection Antique Vintage Morrocan Arabic Islamic/middle Eastern Brass Top Folding Table Antique Islamic Large Oil Painting on Canvas Shamayel Qajar Pahlavi 19 20 Cen ANCIENT MIDDLE EASTERN GLOBULAR POTTERY VESSEL c 1200 BCE / #5 Antique Ottoman'Qalamdan Divit', Brass Travel Pen/ Ink Case Tribal Sword Bellydance To Three Sisters By Beats Antique Rare! Antique Middle Easte Yemenite Necklace Judaica Silver Antique Ethnic Silver Tumar Pendant & Chain Turkoman Tekke Tribe Ceremonial Gold Vermeil Jambiya Dagger Large Antique Eastern White Metal Zinc Engraved Tray Platter Centrepiece Vintage Persian / Islamic / Middle Eastern Dallah Coffee Pot in Copper Antique Middle Eastern Qa-jar Papier Mache Painted Pictorial Box Large Islamic Persian Turquoise Glazed Vase Signed Antiques Fair Mohamadreza shah Pahlavi China Plate Very beautiful Samadhiya of the Kaaba Made in Mecca Makkah 100cm X 100 cm UNUSUAL ANTIQUE PERSIAN 18K GOLD ENAMEL ARABIC INTAGLIO SEAL FOB / CHARM c1824 Ancient Middle Eastern Terracotta Vessel Turkey 1200 AD or Older Antique butterscotch Bakelite Yemen Amber cube beads Necklace-171 gram ++ Ottoman Turkish Islamic sword Kilij Pala Shamshir rare horn 19th Century +++ Antique Islamic Manuscript Book Antique Islamic Arabic Very Old Calligraphy Solid 999 Or 24ct Gold Money Coin

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