Middle Eastern Antiques

Islamic Ottoman Cannon Plaque Vintage Persian 840 Silver Engraved Covered Dish Sugar Bowl with original tongs Pawn Stars How Rare Is This Rare Jousting Helmet Season 1 History Carved Antique Saber Sword Hungary Austro Austria Erope shamshir saber cavalary Oman Bedouin coin-silver Hirz receptacle and chain Antique Carved Moorish Table Antique Inlaid Islamic Syrian Side Table Antique Persian Ottoman Iznik Kashan Egypt Turquoise Glazed Vase Possibly Seljuk Yemen coin-silver large Zaydiya bead necklace Antique / Vintage Fine Middle Eastern Painting Of a Busy Town Qajar Style Vintage Iznik Kutahya Pottery Painted Large Wall Charger Signed Antique Mid-19th C. OTTOMAN Gold Metallic Thread Embroidered Tablecloth c. 1870s Ethiopia S Chapel In The Sky Antique Persian Qajar Round Brass Tray Antique Islamic Hand Painted Water Colour On The Canvas Mughal Princes C. 1900 ANTIQUE VINTAGE BEAUTIFUL ISLAMIC OTTOMAN ARABIC REVIVAL INLAY bag & KEY Karbala Fascinating Large Middle Eastern Solid Silver Illiati Tray Dish Lahiji Manner Antique Cloisonne Gold Plated 84 Silver Persian Enamel Tea Set Antique Islamic Coco de Mer Sufi Dervish Kashkul Beggars Bowl Seed Nut Auth Qajar Persia Medal Persian 19th. Century Hand Carved Copper Bowl with the art of Calligraphy from Istanbul Antique Yemeni silver Bedouin Jewish Handmade head cap Traditional Antique Vintage Old Middle Eastern East Shamshir Sword with Scabbard Antique Islamic Folding Side Table With Brass Tray Top Islamic Antique Persian Empire, Shiraz, Haft Rang, Cuerda Seca TILE Genuine 16th-17th C Persian Manuscript Folio-Islamic/Turkish/Mughal/Indian Quick Stop Antique Shop Vintage Shop With Me Rare antique bottle vase flask Persian Iznik pottery Antique Museum art 1890's Ottoman Islamic Brass Calligraphy Ink Dip Pen Qalamdan Large Finely Detailed Antique Islamic Qajar Persian solid silver desktop box Antique Islamic Damascus Mamluk Persian Silver Copper Inlaid Brass Adam/eve Tray Antique Vintage Middle Eastern Table & Embossed Egyptian Brass Top Antiques Roadshow Decorating With Antiques Antique Genuine faturan cherry amber prayer bead tasbih 62g Wootz blade Qajar Period Persian dagger gold and silver decoration handle Fine Antique Persian Qajar Princess Painting Garden Middle Eastern Islamic Art Antique PERSIAN SAMOVAR Brass Stamped + Teapot + Tray + Drip Bowl Original antique Aethiopian Arabian Sword, not Nimcha, Saif, Dagger Beautiful Al-Hajar Al-Aswad black stone housed the Ka'aba Islamic Muslims kiss Antique Large Arabic Persian Middle Eastern Copper Islamic Pot withHandle, 18 T Large Stone With Early Form of Writing Carved Into It Middle Eastern Display Antique Photo Mecca Makkah Kaaba Saudi Arabia Islam Hajj Hejaz Black White 1924 Antique Middle Eastern Amber beads Rare Antique Central Asia Indian Hindu Hmughal Tulwar Sikh Sword Knife Dagger Spode Imperial Plate of Persia 1971 Limited Edition RARE Mohd Reza Shah Pahlavi Antique luxury copper vase bowl handmade persian Isfahan qalam zani qajar marked Antique Persian Brass Tray Mythical Creatures COLLECTABLE TRAY HEAVY 5 KILOS Antique Islamic Yemeni Arab dagger Khanjar Jambiya Sword in Silver With Belt Fine ANTIQUE TEKKE ENSI Door Design RARE 19th Century MIDDLE EASTERN RUG Antique Arabian Nights Middle East Arts Crafts Deco Hookah Liquor Painting Antique Silver Yemeni jambiya (sword dagger kanjar) Yemen Antique Safavid Tinned Copper Bowl 17th Century Persian Islamic Script Coffee Maker Pot Brass Dallah Middle Eastern Arab Islamic Oman Persian Antique Raslan Antique Arabic Islamic Dallah Coffee Pot Bedouin Copper Middle East Rare Antique Islamic Art 19th Century Qajar Tile Large Calligraphy Aganist Evil Eye Antique Original Oil Painting Middle Eastern Desert Scene Signed Pascal GC Islamic Art Original Mamluk Bowl Calligraphy Antique Antique Yatagan Sword Türkish Iron Antique Arabic Indones shamshir saber DATED Handmade Antique Ottoman Period Islamic Engraved Copper TRAY HUGE 96cm Tray Antique museum quality Persian Islamic eastern Qajar Safavid pottery figure Antique Persian Islamic Eastern Arabic Qajar Silver Inlaid Brass Mosque Lamp Prophet Muhammad Antique Ottoman Islamic 100% Pure Silk Hand Woven Grave Cover Antique Mother Of Pearl Inlay Turkish Pool Shoes Antique Fine Islamic brass box with Arabic calligraphy inlaid Timber lining Turkoman turkmen silver ring from antique silver element Gilding glass carnelian Antique Islamic Middle Eastern Beass Astrolabe Vintage Middle Eastern Brass Tray with Carved Wood Base Table Turkish Ottoman Balkan Antique Brass Sword Shamshir Kilij Cross Guard 18D Brass Carved Wood Folding Tray Tea Table Turkey Turkish Morocco Hanging Large Antique Persian Hand Hammered Copper Tray Table Top. Round Circular Design Dallah Coffee Pot Maker Middle Eastern VTG Brass Arabic Bedoiun Persian Islamic Collection Digital Arabic Manuscript Illustrated Occult Numerology Magic Antique 15 Tall Islamic Arabic DALLAH Brass Coffee Tea Pot Pitcher Signed Irq alsawahil spiritual Activated Antique Syrian Side Table Games Table

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