Middle Eastern Antiques

Antique Silver Egyptian Revival Drop/Pendant Enamel Piece Antique Nepal Big Kukri KHUKURI knife DAGGER dirk withScabbard unusual HILT RARE 32 cm Antique Dallah NIZWA middle east islamic Coffee Pot Bedouin Antique Middle Eastern Islamic Beggar's Bowl mix-pot metal Copper Handchisled Antique Natutal Eyes Agate Ring 14K Gold 8.5US Ethnic Vintage Middle Eastern Antique Persian Middle Eastern Brass Kashkool Antique Qajar Persian Brass tray 19th century Superb Detail Islamic SIGNED Rare Antique Silver Persian Religious Priest Islamic Basket Beggars Bowl Antique Arabic Islamic Irak Copper Dallah Coffee Pot Bedouin Middle East Rare Antique Ottoman Turkish pocket watch Constantinople Richard Kroecker Huge Rare Ornate Antique Copper Rapousse Samovar Islamic Middle Eastern Kettle Antique Fine Persian Middle Eastern Silver Engraved Captain's Cane Walking Stick Large Kiswa Fragment Originating From The Inside Of The Holy Kaaba (certificate) ZURQIEH -as6534- ANCIENT HOLY LAND, CANAANITE STONE CYLINDER SEAL. 1300 B. C Antique Early 19th Century Turkish Sword Yataghan Ottoman Yatagan Antique Islamic Sword Yataghan Turkish Ottoman Or Balkans 12 Most Amazing Recent Treasure And Artifacts Finds We Bought An Abandoned Antique Store What S Inside Antique / Rare Persian Traveling Writing kit Quill Carrier with Ink Well Brass Antique Persian Silver salts Exceptional Quality Carved Birds & Flowers 95.7G Vintage Antique Middle Eastern Islamic Silver Jambiya Knife Matching Sheath Star Antique Safavid 17th Century Copper Bowl Engraved and Inscribed Vintage Antique Shopping Trip Shop With Me Antique Perisan Ottoman Turkish Islamiccalligraphy Khula Khud Helmet 19th Wolf tooth protect Magic jinn 1225 Hijiri ANTIQUE OTTOMAN PALASKA CARTRIDGE CASE / POWER BELT BOX, BRASS, Persian Antique Hand Chased Large Brass Tray Persian Middle Eastern Antique Ottoman Gold & Silver Thread Yelek Vest Jacket Balkan Childs Vintage Antique Hand Made Persian Ceramic Vase 1800 Antique Photo Mecca Makkah Kaaba Saudi Arabia Islam Hajj Hejaz Black White 1930 Drew Restores Early 19th Century Lanterns Salvage Hunters Business Stories FINE ANTIQUE ISLAMIC SWORD YATAGHAN TURKISH OTTOMAN GOLD SILVER dagger yatagan UNIQUE antique Ottoman silver 2 time zones Captain Dumont Guinand watch. Tughra Vintage African Wooden Heavy Table Folding Carved Wood Legs Tray Plant Stand Celebrity Edition Hour 4 Full Episode Antiques Roadshow Pbs Antique Islamic Folding Side Table With Brass Tray Top Antique Yemen Yemenite Islamic Tribal Bedouin Hand Made Cuff Bracelet Jewelry Antique Teapot Restoration With Amazing Outcome Antique Vintage Islamic Persian Big Astrolabe 10cm Persian Ceramic Tile Persia Princess 1001 Arabian Night Middle East Islamic ANTIQUE OTTOMAN SWORD 19. C SILVER inlaid SABRE khanjar Dagger STAMPED Persian Art Handmade Pottery Ceramic Earthenware Islamic Middle Eastern Ottoman Old Islamic CAIROWARE Silver Copper Inlay Box Damascus Antique Ottoman Illuminated Quran Koran Manuscript Calligraphy Islamic Gift Antique 19th Rare Original Persian brass Decorative vessel 15.5 cm Interesting Lot Of Antique Daggers Possibly North East African Origin Bifolio Antique Manuscript Arabic Islamic Ottoman Calligraphy Koran Turkey 18 C Antique Islamic Octagonal Wooden Inlaid Side Table RARE 1580's Antique Ottoman Turkish Thick Bronze Tulip-Form Candlestick Zurqieh -af718- Ancient Canaanite Inscribed Stone Cylinder Seal. 1700 1550 B. C Zurqieh As9997- Ancient Roman Bronze Applique Of Pan. Large. 100 200 A. D Zurqieh -as13494- Ancient Canaanite. Stone Cylinder Seal. 1550 1200 B. C Original Kiswa Of The Kaaba Certificated Kaaba Black Cloth ZURQIEH -as17997- ANCIENT ROMAN BRONZE HEAD OF CERES. 100 300 A. D Antique Islamic Ottoman Embroidery Tapestry Wall Hanger Tughra Bullion Sword Old Antique islamic sword sabre shamshir Khyber Knife Säbel schwert Afghanistan KH31 34 cm Antique Dallah Jug Pot middle east islamic art Coffee Pot Bedouin Antique islamic Afghan Khyber Knife Straigh Blade Short sword Dagger Messer KH25 Pair of Antique 19th C Persian Qajar Spears Sufi Lances / Palace Guard Spears Egyptian revival inlaid occasional table 1979 Moroccan Palace U0026 Moroccan Architecture Style RARE 19th c Silver Ottoman Large Bichaq small yatagan knife Interesting Antique Persian sword Engraved blade Now That S Saucy Antique Store Haul Qajar Persia Medal Persian Islamic Ottoman Cannon Plaque Vintage Persian 840 Silver Engraved Covered Dish Sugar Bowl with original tongs Pawn Stars How Rare Is This Rare Jousting Helmet Season 1 History Carved Antique Saber Sword Hungary Austro Austria Erope shamshir saber cavalary Oman Bedouin coin-silver Hirz receptacle and chain Antique Carved Moorish Table Antique Inlaid Islamic Syrian Side Table Antique Persian Ottoman Iznik Kashan Egypt Turquoise Glazed Vase Possibly Seljuk Yemen coin-silver large Zaydiya bead necklace Antique / Vintage Fine Middle Eastern Painting Of a Busy Town Qajar Style

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