Middle Eastern Antiques

ZURQIEH as29166- ANCIENT EGYPT. 2ND INTERMEDIATE PERIOD. STONE SCARAB. 1782-15 Antique Middle Eastern Ottoman Islamic Tinned Copper Tray or Charger Vintage Antique Silver Tone & Copper Middle East Persian Qajar Tray Engraved 12 Zurqieh -as29509- Ancient Phoenician. Terracotta Head. 8th-6th Cent. B. C What Sold On Ebay Real Reseller Prices Antiques U0026 Vintage This Would Have Been 300 Reselling MID Century U0026 Antiques Rare Antique Islamic Ottoman Turkish Copper Pitcher Ibrik Pot Water Antiques Road Trip S25e07 Old Silver Handmade Floral Engravings Islamic Tray Plate Antique islamic Qajar persian handmade miniature painting Ahmed Tabrizi, 19th C Antique Basoli School Indian miniature painting depicting Brahma hindu God 19thC Lapis Lazuli Disc Pendant 24ct Ancient Assyrian Armenia BC3000 Persia Heaven Gem Antique Brass Islamic Persian Style Oil Lamp, 23 1/2 Tall, 7 Widest Antique Islamic Folk Glazed Redware Pottery Pitcher Genuine Large Middle Eastern 900 Silver Bowl Persepolis Takht Jamshid Design Vintage hand made metal statuette Islamic man with hookah Circa A. D 1200 Near Eastern Islamic Sliver Inlaid Bronze Inkwell And Cover Persa Antique Islamic folk hand made round tinned copper plate Antique Middle Eastern Bronze Beetle Nutcracker Eastern Vase Decorated Inlay Arabic Script & Floral 1900 Silver & Copper Antique Inside The Massive Ancient Megalithic Complex Of Baalbek In Lebanon Antique Hand Made Islamic Folk Copper Serving Tray Original 19th century antique ottoman turkish embroidery Turkey cloth Zurqieh Ad1082- Ancient Byzantine Silver Inlaid Bronze Weight. 800 1000 A. D Beautiful Antique 900 Silver Rosewater Sprinkler Turkish Ottoman Antique Vtg Middle Eastern Brass Tray, Wall Hanger Arabic Calligraphy, Etched Vintage Middle Eastern Hand Carved Carnelian Or Agate Intaglio Pendant Seal BOOK Textile Furnishings from the Topkapi Palace Museum. Rugs, embroidery Fine India Kashmir Gold Gilt Bronze Round Covered Box Dated 1878 Islamic Mamluk Period Syrian Cobalt Blue and White Ceramic Vase 15-16th Century Vintage Persian 840 Silver Engraved Covered Dish Sugar Bowl with original tongs Circa Near Eastern A Beautiful Phoenician Glass Bead Antique 19th Century Persian Brass Bowls Hammered and Chiseled Designs Set Of 2 18th Century Ottoman Empire Islamic Calligraphy Scissors Diamonds, Rubies & Gold ANTIQUE 19th C. IZNIK TURKISH ISLAMIC MIDDLE EASTERN FLORAL 10 TILE Rare engraved Indo Persian shield (sipar) +-1800 Antique ottoman empire heavy brass turkish belt Circa Near Eastern Pakistan Gandhara Stone Statue, Standing Buddha Large++ 42cmm 19c Vintage Islamic Calligraphy Kalma Mosque Carved Tumbler Brass Collectible Treasure From The 1920 S Uncovered In River Bottom By Mudlarkers Living Room Filled With Eclectic And Vintage Treasures Large 8.5 by 4 Antique Middle Eastern Handmade Brass Bowl Middle Eastern keepsake or jewelry box-Inlay with mother of pearl-handmade Coffee Dallah Arabic Of Metal Middle Antique Islamic Eastern Turkish Bedouin Jug Antique Persian Qajar Islamic Art Handmade 26.4 Brass Tray Layla Majnoon Story Antique Middle Eastern Mamluk Etched Copper Pot Arabic Inscriptions & Animals A Beautiful Middle Eastern Gold Pearl Bracelet Dickinson S Real Deal S08 E69 Homestyle Antique Morocco Safi HandPainted Islamic Clay Dish Art Pottery 19th Century Very Rare Antique Islamic Arabic Ottoman Yemen Jewish Ethnic Burner signed Antique Jewelry Box Pattern Metal Wood Flower Case Landscape Boat Rare Old 20th Unusual Folk Asian Miniature, 19th c. Manuscript gouache on paper Rare Antique Islamic Arabic Ottoman Saudi Yemen Jewish Box Copper Ethnic Tribal #9,19TH CENTURY ANTIQUE PERSIAN TILE w Swimming Fishes Antique Islamic Arabic Jewish Ottoman Saudi Box Copper Dubai Oman Qatar Antique islamic Solid Silver Incense Burner Persian Ottoman Indian Afghan Rare SUPERB LARGE ANTIQUE 19th C. ISLAMIC MIDDLE EAST TINNED COPPER BOWL w. WARRIORS #32,19TH CENTURY ANTIQUE PERSIAN VASE w Swimming Fishes Antique Khanjar Arabic Dagger OMAN Metal Engraved Souvenir Handmade Rare Old Persian Antique Engraved Enamel Copper Middle Eastern Wall Tray Large Plate 27 Old Handmade Indo Islamic Kashmir Hammer Engraved 36.5cm Copper Tray Antique Islamic Folk Glazed Redware Pottery Pitcher Antique ea. 1800's FINE Hand Tooled Brass Qajar Islamic Snuff Box Case, Signed Antique Silver Copper Brass Box Islamic Persian Mamluk Mixed Metal Antique Indo-persian Gold Shield Dahl Mughal India Arabic Islamic Antique Large 16.5 Inch Silverplate Etched to Brass Middle Eastern Vase What Was Life Like During Medieval Times Pawn Stars Isaac Newton S Rare Book Defies The Odds Season 3 History Antique Persian Middle East Lacquer Barrel Shaped Box for Henna or Tobacco, 6 T Antique Islamic Arabic Turkish Ottoman Cup With Arabic Manuscript Antique Persian Islamic Oval Copper hand Hammered Tea Tray Middle Eastern Antique islamic mughal handmade miniature painting of prince on paper, 19th C Vintage Large Islamic Arabic Brass & Copper Coffee Pot, Dallah, 12 T, 14 1/2 W Islamic Brass Silver Copper Vase Ottoman/Qajar Calligraphy Persian Antique Islamic folk hand made round tinned copper plate Giants Djinn And What They Are Hiding In Lebanon S Baalbek

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