Middle Eastern Antiques

Antique islamic sikh school miniature painting depecting Guru 18th C Antique Persian Silver Trinket Case Box Engraved with Flowers & Birds 72.2 Grams Vintage Turkish Brass 4-piece Brazier Mangal36 inchSuleyman Dondurmaci Ankara Authentic Indus Valley Harappian Clay Jar Dish Artifact Circa 2600-2000 BC Antique stones 19c Vintage Islamic Calligraphy Kalma Mosque Carved Tumbler Brass Collectible Late Or Post Medieval Brass Hebrew Star Of David Seal Jewish Stamp Artifact EXQUISITE SIGNED ANTIQUE PERSIAN SOLID SILVER REPOUSSE FOOTED BOWL 457g 16.12 OZ Ancient Ptolemaic greek Egypt gold HAIR TiE, 1.5 gram Interior core charcoal Rare 17th C. Islamic Ottoman Turkish All-Steel Flanged Battle Mace (shamshir) Antique Perisan Silver Vase Marked 84/ 156.5 Grams silver Alhambra Mosque Polychrome Gesso Relief Plaque 19th CENTURY MIDDLE EASTERN HORN HILT JAMBIYA #9781 Antique Mid Eastern 600 silver engraved plate 630 grams Vafoor Hard Wood Hand Made Pipe Collectors Item Decoration With History Antique islamic handmade miniature painting on persian manuscript folio 18th C Antique Wood and Brass Dagger Knife Khanjar Islamic Middle Eastern Hand-carved Coffee Pot Silver-plated Copper Islamic Arabic Middle Eastern Dllah Antique Pair Of Lantern Brass Inlaid Silver Islamic Mosque Ottoman empire Mamluk 24,5cm Hallmark ANTIQUE 19th C Ottoman Islamic Art TINNED BRASS Dallah Ewer Antique Islamic Hand Made Ornate Floral Engraved Metal Plate Vafoor Hard Wood Hand Made Pipe Collectors Item Decoration With History Vintage Tinned Copper Tray Isfahan Persian Middle Eastern Moroccan Plate SIGNED Vintage Brass Bedouin Islamic Dallah Arabic Middle Eastern Coffee Pot 15 Tall Antique brass middle eastern dallah coffee tea pot Turkish Aerobic kettle 15B60 Bidamount Weekly Asian Art And Antiques Auction News And Results Antique Afghan MOP Hilt Choora Pesh Kabz Kard dagger Khyber Knife Khanjar Antique Islamic Hand Made Folk Art Copper Pitcher Zurqieh As22261- Ancient Islamic Mamluk Silver Ring. 1400 A. D Dallah Arabic Coffee Pot UAE 27 cm Tall Islamic Omani Nizwa Zurqieh As19104- Ancient Hittite Bronze Figure Of Baal. 1600 B Antique islamic persian safavid handmade miniature painting on paper, 18th C Antique Islamic Kashmiri Paper Mache Qalamdan Scribes Pen Box c19th Persian Middle Eastern Sterling Silver Lidded Bowl Circa 1890 Vintage Islamic Arabic Dallah Coffee Tea Pot 10 Tall Middle Eastern Rohani good luck stone? , ? , Circa Beautiful Near Eastern Egyptian Glazed Two Snakes Plaque Early 20th Century Middle Eastern Dagger, Horn Hilt Kurdish Jambiya #9662 Rare Old Vintage Yemeni Tribal Ethnic Jewish Headcover Vtg 1900s Pierced Brass Bronze Flowers Butterfly Base Mid Eastern Oriental Lamp Antique Vintage Persian Islamic Middle Eastern Copper Brass Dallah Coffee Pot Large Antique Ottoman 18th / 19th Century Brass Qalamdan Pen Case & Inkwell Antique Syrian Damascus Arabic Silver Inlaid Bowl ANTIQUE PERSIAN / INDIA hand painted HUNT SCENE in KHATAM MICRO MOSAIC FRAME VTG Persian Islamic Copper Tinned Etched Signed Pierced Wall Hanging Tray 36 19c. Islamic Scroll Silver Inlay Brass Damascus Mamluk Cairoware Pitcher Jug Pot Afghan Tibet Dzi Antique Vintage Old Sulemani Ghazni Loose Wow Banded Beads Antique Miniature Persian Painting in an Inlaid Frame 18thC 9 Pieces Islamic Middle Eastern Mixed Metal Urn, Vase, Bottle, Vessels Ancient Indus Valley Pottery Early 20th Century Middle Eastern Dagger, Horn Hilt Jambiya #9661 Dallah Coffee Maker Pot Brass VTG Antique Middle Eastern Asian Arab httPiece Set Antique handmade tooled Middle Eastern copper bull shaped holy water kettle pot Egyptian Lapis Lazuli Thoth Amulet Late Period 664 332 BC Antique Islamic Coffee Or Tea Dallah Arabic Middle Eastern Bronze Fine Art The Most Mysterious Ancient Biblical Artifacts Of The Knights Templar With History Profiles Antique ea. 1800's FINE Hand Tooled Brass Qajar Islamic Snuff Box Case, Signed Collector Glass Vandalism Or Novel Tradition Fenton Artists Tell All Antique Middle Eastern or Asian Lacquer Bowl Kashmiri Antique hand made Islamic engraved copper pitcher with spout coffee tea pot ZURQIEH -ad2565- Antinoos as Apollo Roman. 2nd century AD. Engraved intaglio AMAZING Rare Antique Old Ottoman Islamic Jewelry Box Treasure Chest Antique Beduin Middle Eastern Copper Brass Dallah Coffee Pot 19th Century 1890 Big size ottoman talismanic shirt (jama) inscribed with quran verses 19thC Spiritual stone + Box (?)? + Antique Copper Bowl Engraved Lipped 7 1/2 Wide 4 1/2 Tall Lots of Wear Antique 19th Century Copper Middle Eastern WaterJug with Chain Intricate Engraved Pierced Brass Mid Eastern Turkey Morocco Brass Lamp Circa Near Eastern Ghandhara Fragment Stone Piece Exploring Afghanistan S Terrifying Supernatural Legacy Giants Demons And Other Anomalies Vintage hand made ornate floral wall hanging tinned copper plate Near Eastern Mamluk Cup decorated Inlay Arabic Script & floral design ca 1900 Antique islamic ottoman handmade cocco de mere kashkul with quran calligraphy Middle Eastern Persian Islamic Repousse Incised Tinned Copper 13.5 Wall Plaque Antique Middle Eastern Mamluk Etched Copper Pot Arabic Inscriptions & Animals

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