Middle Eastern Antiques

Antique Engraved Dallah Brass Coffee Pot Middle Eastern Mughal Islamic Full Arabic Style Persian Antique Engraved Shield Original Kiswa Of The Kaaba Certificated Kaaba Black Cloth Full Episode Antiques Roadshow Series 38 Ep 1 Bbc Select Vintage Handmade copper Lion & Priest water canteen With Chain. Origin & Year Vintage Middle Eastern Egyptian Dovetailed Brass Jardinière Cache Pot Planter Antique 18 Century Islamic Turkish Ottoman Empire Armenian Enameled Tombak Ewer Antique Ottoman Dallah Mocca pot Vintage Antique Heavy 84 Silver Tray Finely Etched Ottoman Middle eastern 699g Rare Cloth Grave & Tomb Of The Prophet Muhammed Authentic Cloth Kiswah From Grave Tomb Of The Prophet Muhammed Vintage Middle East Rap Challenge Beat Zurqieh Ad8716- Ancient Islamic Ummayyed Bronze Ring. Inscribed. 700 A. D House Tour A Colonial Home Defined By Antiques Original Moldings And Diy Floors Vintage Antique Hand Engraved Animals Copper Ewer Ethnic Coffee Teapot 15+ Vintage Middle Eastern Persian Qajar Copper Engraved Tray 12 Plate Wall Hanging Zurqieh Ad14341- Ancient Egypt. New Kingdom Silver Fly Amulet. 1250 B. C Original Kiswa Of The Kaaba Certificated Kaaba Black Cloth 30 CM X 20 CM Antique Thoune Majolika Islamic Jug 19th C. Swiss Ceramics Ancient Indus Valley Pottery Vintage Jazz Greats Of 1930s Vintage Jazz Jazz Classics Antique Copper Blow Horn Middle Eastern Fraternal Angel Gabriel Antique egyptian/jewish bronze/brass large vase 19thc or earlier Antique Vintage Old Bedouin Arabic Dallah Brass Copper Coffee Pot Phil Serrell And Irita Marriott Day 2 Season 24 Antiques Road Trip I Need A Nap This Antique Mall Wore Me Out Vintage Large Hand Etched Pottery With Lid South American Middle Eastern 9 × 9 Vintage Middle East Carl Illest X Phrymo X Emman G Antique Cold Painted Middle Eastern Boy Slaying Crocodile Metal Figure Large 13 Tall Antique Persian Copper Vase Urn metalwork intricate Middle East Antique Middle Eastern Persian Tinned Hammered Copper Ewer Vintage Middle Eastern Moorish Style Round Brass Tray 13.5 Signed Antique Copper Old Bedouin Pitcher Middle Eastern Islamic Water Jug Camels 8 Vintage Middle Eastern or Indian Brass Metal Covered Bowl / Vase Authentic Original Cloth From Internal Holy Kaaba -ebay. Com/usr/antique art shop Antique Egyptian Mamluk Niello Inlaid & Engraved Brass Bowl Zurqieh Ad12038- Ancient Egypt. New Kingdom. Stone Scarab. 1250 B. C 18th C, Antique Syrian Christian-Arab Copper Bowl Decorated Versions of a Cross Beautiful Middle Eastern Lacquer Paper Mache Photo Album. Vintage Antique Small Oval Islamic Middle Eastern Silver Box, Embossed & Enameled Old teapot antique clay Vintage Middle Eastern Handmade Copper Small Antique Asian Middle Eastern  Silk Embroidery Panel Framed Matted Turkish Ottoman Period Turkey Egypt Arabia Israel Palestine Jerusalem Maps Antique, Islamic, Old Indo-Persian Mughal Seal, Emeralds and Rubies, 19th Century Antique Matching Pair Middle Eastern Copper Lidded 11 Urn & 9 Bowl Signed Mughal Islamic Full Arabic Style Persian Antique Engraved Shield With New Design Antique 15 Persian Middle East Copper Hand Rolled Edge Copper Tray Ottoman authentic antique, handcrafted enamel cup Antique Moroccan Vessel Large Vintage Brass Middle Eastern Tea Pot 19 inches tall Antique Persian Islamic Brass Arabic Middle Eastern Bedouin Old Pitcher 12 Antique Islamic Damascus Tea set copper Enamel hand made Home Tour Country Cottage Primitive Farmhouse Flea Market Antiques Vintage Decor Everyday Decor Brass Islamic Bedouin Dallah Coffee Pot Pitcher, Hand Chased/Tooled Designs 11 Antique signed Middle Eastern Brass Samovar urn with kettle Antique Pottery Urn/Jar/Vase with End 19th Century Islamic Quran Writing Antique Ceremonial Islamic Persian Qajar Shield Engraved Antique Reproduction Antique 18-19th c Mughal Bronze/Copper Hookah Base / Vase Antique Vintage Islamic Arabic Calligraphy Tinned Copper Pitcher Ewer Jug 18.5 Zurqieh -ad7671- Ancient Holy Land. Amethyst Jar Shaped Bead. 1700 B. C Antique Ancient Yemeni Pot Stone Antique Rare Safavid Shahnameh Persian Miniature Painting Manuscript 1800 AD Antique Lighting And Industrial Shoe Carts Renovating An Industrial Building Antique Persian Large Copper Bucket WithHandle, 13x12.5 Original Cloth Kiswah From Grave Tomb Of The Prophet Muhammed LG Middle Eastern Brass Tray Inlaid With Copper Engraved Egyptian or Syrian ANTQ Vintage Gold color BIG Persian Caviar Dome Rollback Lid Server Bowl Dish Rare Kiswah From Grave Tomb Of The Prophet Muhammed Vintage Middle Eastern PERSIAN 875 Silver Hand Engraved Footed Serving PLATE art Persian Hebrew Miniature Antique Antique Islamic 10 Knives Kabyle Flyssa Ben Saada Lovely, Magical! Antique Middle Eastern Silver Ring #8 Nishapur Turquoise Antique luxury copper vase handmade qalam zani qajar middle eastern Antique Hand-blown Islamic Tear Catcher Antique 18th Century Middle Eastern Brass Dome Lidded Vase Calligraphy In Hebrew

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