Middle Eastern Antiques

Antique VTG Persian Hand Crafted Engraved Repouse Copper Plate Ottoman Style Persian Antique Engraved Shield With New Design Antique Damascus Syrian Heavy Solid Brass Inlaid Silver Copper Arabic Box Framed and Certified Holy Kaaba Covering Fragment, Best Gift For Muslim Friend Antique Afghan Khyber Choora Dagger with Scabbard/Very Ornate Craftsmenship Handmade Vintage Wool Rug Middle Eastern Sarouk Design in Bold Colors 3'11 x 4'5 Antique Turquoise Blue Glazed Persian Middle Eastern Kashan Pottery Bowl Islamic Antique Middle Eastern Style Copper Coffee Pot 9.25x7.5x4.5 VTG Near Eastern Civilization Historical Intaglio Carved Relief Middle Eastern Handmade Inlaid Box Stash Jewelry Clean Ready To Use #2 Oval Iraq Knife Islamic Carbon Steel Antique Old Museum Collectible Excellent Blade Antique Hand Knotted Turkish Yastic XX253 Antique 19th Century Persian or Turkish Copper Bronze Repousse Alms Bowl Vintage Arabic Middle Eastern Islamic Bedouin Handmade Dallah Coffee Pot signed Turkish Ottoman Empire Period Egypt Jerusalem Saudi Arabia Mecca Red Sea Maps Tapestry -Antique Middle Eastern- Asia Islamic Dallah Antique Middle Eastern Arabic copper Bedouin Signed Early Persian Islamic Silver Tray with Dragons + 22 Paradise birds solid silver VINTAGE TAPESTRY Middle Eastern Scene Wall Hanging 24 X 35 Made in Belgium Early 20th-C Persian Middle Eastern Copper/Tin Wall Plate 15.5 Antique Middle Eastern Hand Made Brass Samovar With Tray And Teapot 1900'/ middle eastern solid silver vase vartan Antique Middle Eastern Niello Coiled Snake Silver Bracelet TWO Antique Middle Eastern Islamic Quran Koran Gold Illuminated Leaf Pages Ancient Antique Egyptian Middle Kingdom Banded Alabaster Vase Very Good Shape ZURQIEH -ad16316- ANCIENT EGYPT. BEAUTIFUL CARNELIAN CAT WITH GOLD RING. 1250 B Exceptional Rare Antique Pierced Brass Incense Bowl, Persian, Early 19th Century Antique Hand Forged Middle Eastern Dallah Copper & Brass Coffee Pot 9.5x8 Antique Moroccan Inlaid Bone Frame Repousse Plaque Vintage Antique Middle Eastern Wall Tapestry Prayer Rug Gold Black with Fringe Antique Cezve Copper Tin Brass Turkish Coffee Pot With Handle Hinge LID Bird Antique Ceremonial Islamic Persian Qajar Helmet Engraved Antique Reproduction Antique Persian Middle Eastern Smoking Hookah Brass Cup And Chain Pipe Middle Eastern Antique Copper Metal Teapot Ewer Pitcher Turkish Tatar Engraved Old Antique Persian Islamic Middle Eastern Painting 4 Medieval Horsemen Fighters Antique middle eastern painting on board with mosaic inlay wood frame, signed Arabic antique table Large Antique Syrian Khatam Marquetry Inlay Jewelry Document Trinket Box Antique Islamic Heavy Brass Turkish Ottoman Marked Dallah Pot, 10 1/4 Tall Lot 4X Small Antique Silver Yemeni Bedouin Necklaces handmade 161 G Amazing Near Eastern Antique Collection That Every Collector Need To See Ancient Near Eastern Sasanian Silver Gold Plated Large Pendant 1500+ Years Old Zurqieh Ad6330- Ancient Byzantine & Islamic Bronze Weights. 22 Pcs Vintage Brass Coffee Pot Middle Eastern Arab Islamic Persian Turkish Wood Handle Pair Large Middle Eastern Enameled Brass Candlesticks Antique Antique Middle Eastern Copper Coffee Pot, 13 Tall, 10 3/4 Widest withHandle Vintage Middle Eastern Islamic Large Tinned Copper Engraved Bowl Middle Eastern Brass Inkwell Qalamdan 19th C Antique Silver Laos Buddhist Temple Altar Offering Bowl Antique Rug Middle Eastern Baluchistan Wool 3 X 5 Large Antique Middle Eastern Copper & Brass Serving Pan Great Patina 15 inches Vafoor Hard Wood Hand Made Pipe Collectors Item Decoration With History Latagan 2024 Vintage Middle East Vtg Eastern (Bedouin) Coffe Bean Mortar/Pestle (Mihbaj) Wood Syria Damascus 26 Antique Persian Islamic Middle Eastern Copper Vase Antique Hand Forged Picher/Water Jug, Persian Vintage Antique Islamic Middle Eastern Large Tinned Copper Engraved Bowl ZURQIEH -as8662- ROMAN BRONZE WEIGHT. 2 NUMISMATA. 9.16 GM, WITH NB WITHIN WREAT Antique Engraved Copper Silver Tone Middle Eastern Persian Qajar Tray Plate Antique Seljuk Persian Ceramic Oil Lamp Antique Islamic bronze tray with sterling silver overlay Exquisite Antique Turkish Ottoman Copper Ewer Museum Grade Old Mughal Islamic multi-color tiger jade stone archer thumb ring qing dynasty Antique 1800s Middle Eastern Khanjar Knife Near Eastern Silver Dish Stunning centaur Figure With Lion Antique Turkish Ottoman Islamic Sword Shamshir In Silver Damascus Steel Wootz Antique Asian Middle Eastern Oriental Arabic Prayer Rug Handmade 31 x 57 Antique Brass Tray Charger Islamic Middle Eastern Engraved 18 Talismanic egg Egg of Wealth Antique Islamic Ottoman Embroidered Jacket Red Velvet Gold Women's Mintan Vintage Decorative Handmade Middle Eastern Table Top Tapestry Vintage Qty 3 Dallah Coffee Pot Brass Arabic Bedouin Leather Wrapped Handle Antique Arabic Middle Eastern Islamic DALLAH Coffee Pot 30cm Tall Omani Bedouin Vafoor Hard Wood Hand Made Pipe Collectors Item Decoration With History Antique 19th Century Middle Eastern Persian Tinned Copper Ewer

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