Middle Eastern Antiques

Antique old dagger arabic yemen khanjar jambiya islamic dagger? D Early 20th Century Middle Eastern Yemeni Jambiya. Dagger. Kandjar. #9912 19th Century Brooch Reverse Painting of The Assyrian God Assur Ashur Gold Plate Islamic Ottoman Kashkul Silvery Brass Offering Lidded Bowl with Copper Inlay 1800's Ibrahim Edhem Efendi First examples of Turkish Ebru-Marbling art Antique Middle Eastern Silver-plate Copper Bowl Handmade Lot Of 5 SIGNED Antique Shopping In Texas Roundtop Antique Show Day 1 Of 6 Large Antique Coffee Maker Tea Pot Brass Ancient Indus Valley Terracotta Fertility Figurines Antique Arabic hand made ornate metal engraved wall hanging plate Brass Tray Vintage Arabic Islamic Middle Eastern Wall Plaque Handmade 19 Antique Persian Silvered Copper Cloche Dome Serving Platter Mamluk Cairoware Large Vintage Antique Islamic Middle Eastern Tinned Can Pot 8x 8 x 9 Pair of Antique Middle Eastern Persian Qajar Brass Vases Early 20th Century 18th Century Near Eastern Drop Spindle Whorl Coffee Maker Tea Pot Brass Dallah Middle Eastern Arab Islamic Oman Persian VTG Antique handcrafted Middle Eastern etched islamic trad. Mosque, oval copper tray L Trends In Antiques 2023 Antique Middle Eastern Brass Kopper Tray Islamic Dish Hand made star 0f solomon Red Naga-Land Natural Stone Beautiful Antique Soild Silver Near Eastern Ring Naga-Land Natural Red Stone Beautiful Antique Soild Silver Near Eastern Ring How One Man In Egypt Is Keeping This 200 Year Old Tile Tradition Alive Still Standing The Black Sun Germany S Sinister Hunt For Lost Relics And The Djinn King Antique Large Persian Iznic Crackle Glaze Oval Tile Beautiful Scene Birds Floral Vtg Persian Old ManYoung Woman Painting 7 3/4 Intricate Inlaid Mosaic Frame 15 Antique Islamic folk hand made round tinned copper plate Silver Yemenite bracelet, handmade tribal bracelet, wide silver bracelet (YB8) Persian Isfahan Handmade Copper Two Vase Qalamzani Persian Qajar Period Lacquer Mirror Case BRASS Persian Vase Hand Chased. Tooled. Middle East Islamic Art. Not Silver Authentic Kaaba Kiswah From Mecca Hajj 20 CM X 20 CM Vintage India Mughal Persian Painted Wood Table Top Folding Screen 4 Panel 15 Vintage Islamic Engraved Hand Made Wall Decor Brass Plaque Serving Tray Vintage Islamic Hand Made Copper Wall Decor Plate Camel Rider Amsterdam Travel Guide 21 Best Things To Do In Amsterdam In 1 Or 2 Days 4k Antique Brass Set Ottoman Ewer Ablution Basin Washtub Pitcher Islamic Turkish Antique Middle Eastern Persian Islamic Enameled Silver Quran Box Floral Arabic 29cm Iraqi Antique Dallah islamic art Coffee Pot Bedouin Antique Manuscript Islamic ArabIc Folio Ancient Text Script Persia Safavid Poem ANTIQUE OTTOMAN ISLAMIC ARABIC SILVER FILIGR? FOB SEAL 18th-19th AD Antique Arabic Wall Hanging Tapestry Shawl Scarf Linen Canvas Wise Man Antique Islamic ornate floral folk hand made brass wall hanging plate Estate Sale Exploring MID MID Architecture Antique Persian Qajar Period Lacquer Qalamdan Pen Box Antique Islamic Metal Footed Teapot Antique Hand Forged Copper Indo-persian Shield Dahl Mughal India Arabic Antique Islamic Hand Made Ornate Floral Engraved Metal Plate Middle Eastern Antique base Silver Hand Mirror Decorative Collectable Handmade Middle Eastern Antique silver Hand Mirror Stone brass Collectable Handmade Rare Vintage Middle Eastern Design Handcrafted Etched Tea Caddy Casket Box Early 19th Century, 1806 Dated Ottoman Empire Turkish Yataghan #9924 Antique Arabic hand made ornate metal engraved wall hanging plate Rarely Seen Antique Fest Surprises Outsider Art To Vintage Finds Pawn Stars 7 Best Trades Of All Time VZ HOOKAH Craft Steam punk handmade MINI copper in Russia Shisha Rare FULL SET Ottoman Islamic Book 19th century Middle East Islamic Antique Ewer Pitcher Engraved and Inscribed Antique Enamel Persian Blue Glass Qajar Dynasty Nasser Al Din Shah Roozbeh Bowl Antique Islamic Ottoman Arabic Persian Plate with Arabic Manuscript Necklace Pendant Dangle Bells Coin Middle Eastern Origin Islamic Handmade Glass Antique Middle Eastern Arabic Teapot Pitcher Copper Metal Symbols Large Size Antique 14th 16th Century Islamic Safavid Sultanabad Stoneware Bowl 9 in F7 Antique 14th 16th Century Islamic Safavid Sultanabad Stoneware Bowl 9 in F6 Vintage 3 LEG STOOL Patina Brass Foot Warmer Boho Persian Turkish Style Engraved Antique Islamic Indo-Persian, iron with silver koftgari vase Antique Islamic folk hand made round tinned copper plate Ottoman Period Antique Saudi Arabic Islamic Kabaa Mecca Hajj Lithography Rare Early 20th Century Middle Eastern Dagger, Horn Hilt Kurdish Jambiya #9662 Vintage 19TH Old Hand made Qajar Islamic Brass Round tray Antique Islamic folk hand made floral tinned copper bowl News 3 Now At Ten February 13 2023 Antique hand chased tooled silver Middle Eastern wooden lined cigarette box Antique Persian Iznik Qajar Style Ceramic Pottery Tile Mosaic Hunt Scene C7 Antique Middle Eastern Copper Coffee Pot, 14 Tall, 10 3/4 Widest withHandle Antique Hand Made Islamic Folk Copper Serving Tray

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