Middle Eastern Antiques

Home Tour Country Cottage Primitive Farmhouse Flea Market Antiques Vintage Decor Everyday Decor Brass Islamic Bedouin Dallah Coffee Pot Pitcher, Hand Chased/Tooled Designs 11 Antique signed Middle Eastern Brass Samovar urn with kettle Antique Pottery Urn/Jar/Vase with End 19th Century Islamic Quran Writing Antique Ceremonial Islamic Persian Qajar Shield Engraved Antique Reproduction Antique 18-19th c Mughal Bronze/Copper Hookah Base / Vase Antique Vintage Islamic Arabic Calligraphy Tinned Copper Pitcher Ewer Jug 18.5 Zurqieh -ad7671- Ancient Holy Land. Amethyst Jar Shaped Bead. 1700 B. C Antique Ancient Yemeni Pot Stone Antique Rare Safavid Shahnameh Persian Miniature Painting Manuscript 1800 AD Antique Lighting And Industrial Shoe Carts Renovating An Industrial Building Antique Persian Large Copper Bucket WithHandle, 13x12.5 Original Cloth Kiswah From Grave Tomb Of The Prophet Muhammed LG Middle Eastern Brass Tray Inlaid With Copper Engraved Egyptian or Syrian ANTQ Vintage Gold color BIG Persian Caviar Dome Rollback Lid Server Bowl Dish Rare Kiswah From Grave Tomb Of The Prophet Muhammed Vintage Middle Eastern PERSIAN 875 Silver Hand Engraved Footed Serving PLATE art Persian Hebrew Miniature Antique Antique Islamic 10 Knives Kabyle Flyssa Ben Saada Lovely, Magical! Antique Middle Eastern Silver Ring #8 Nishapur Turquoise Antique luxury copper vase handmade qalam zani qajar middle eastern Antique Hand-blown Islamic Tear Catcher Antique 18th Century Middle Eastern Brass Dome Lidded Vase Calligraphy In Hebrew Inside A Palatial Home In The Middle East Majilis Bedroom And Gym Antique Life Its A Team Antique hand made woven textile Hamadan termeh over 200 years old Another Successful Treasure Hunt In Eastern N C Antique Asian Bronze Bowl Antique Islamic Arabic Yemen Saudi Dallah Coffee Pot Copper Antique 18th Century Turkish/ Persian Powder Flask Antique Middle Eastern Vintage Islamic Solid Copper Tinned Chest Box 19th C Hand Painted TURKISH OTTOMAN Istanbul Stamps Script Painting Art Framed Paper The Changing Middle East 1975 Middle East In 1970s Antique 19th Century Middle Eastern Persian Gun Powder Flask Antique Islamic Safavid Artifact Engraved White Metal Museum Quality Aftaba 4X11 Muted Semi Antique Tribal Vintage Oriental Runner Rug Wool Carpet 3'6X10'8 Ancient Coin Restoration Full Process U0026 Exciting Results Vintage Red Tribal Design 3X10 Wool Oriental Runner Rug Hallway Kitchen Carpet Vintage Middle Eastern Persian Qajar Copper Engraved Tray Plate Wall Hanging 12 19th Century Turkish Pottery Vessel Islamic Terra Cotta Jug Olive Oil or Yoghurt Antique Islamic Arabic Flower Vase Brass Ethnic Antique islamic mughal handmade jade pendant studded wid precious stones 19th C Antique Persian Turkish Islamic Arabic Hand Engraved Copper Tray Plate 10.75 D An Islamic Ottoman Yemen Antique Arabic Plate Engraved Big size ottoman talismanic shirt (jama) inscribed with quran verses 19thC Antique Islamic Persian Carved Silver Cigarette Case Antique Middle Eastern Persian Islamic Copper Tray Ornate Wood Folding Base Antique Brass Dallah Coffee Pot Islamic Antique Oman Dubai Qatar Saudi Yemen Fine Genuine Antique Middle Eastern Rug One Of A Kind Vintage Middle Eastern Coffee Pot Turkish Arabic Stamped Brass Dallah R1 Antique Middle Eastern Silver Footed Casket Box Antique Middle Eastern Tinned Copper Aftaba Ewer Pitcher, 13 Vintage Antique Islamic Howdah Elephant Persian Pottery Blue Faience Pottery 19Th Century Middle East Oriental Brass Ottoman Yemen jewelry Box Antique Islamic Arabic Jewish Ottoman Saudi Yemen Box Copper Ethnic Tribal Antique Islamic Arabic Ottoman Saudi Yemen Jewish Box Brass Ethnic Tribal They Picked The Best Thrift With Me At Vintage Vendor Malls Antique Asian Orien Coffee Pot Copper Bronze Kettle Antique Arabic Yemeni Jewish Bowl Clay 2 Am Rant How To Save Gamestop From Themselves An 8 Point Plan Of Action Gamestop Can Be Saved Middle eastern Silver On Copper Persian 19 Engraved Platter Antique Islamic Terracotta Bottle Vase Spanish Fajalauza Middle Eastern Pottery 19th c. Antique Ottoman Empire Islamic Turkey Kutahya Iznik Pottery Dish Plate Antique Etched Silverplate Lidded Oval Jewellery Trinket Box Persian Eastern A Bronze Dallah Coffee Pot Islamic Oman Dubai Qatar Saudi Yemen Antique Islamic Arabic Turkish Ottoman Saudi Yemeni Cup Brass Antique Islamic Arabic Flower Vase Brass Ethnic Antique Arabic Ottoman Yemen Jewish Ethnic Tribal Oil Can with Oil Funnel/Scoop Antique Islamic Ottoman Arabic Persian Plate with Arabic Manuscript Antique Islamic Arabic Flower Vase Brass Antique Islamic Ottoman Flower Vase Brass Antique Islamic Ottoman Flower Vase Brass Antique Bronze Brass Church Incense Burner Pendulum Censer Vintage Rare Embossed Islamic Tray Ghalamzani 16.5 Wall Art Handmade Hammered I Thrifted All Day Long

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