Middle Eastern Antiques

Antique Rug Middle Eastern Baluchistan Wool 3 X 5 Large Antique Middle Eastern Copper & Brass Serving Pan Great Patina 15 inches Vafoor Hard Wood Hand Made Pipe Collectors Item Decoration With History Latagan 2024 Vintage Middle East Vtg Eastern (Bedouin) Coffe Bean Mortar/Pestle (Mihbaj) Wood Syria Damascus 26 Antique Persian Islamic Middle Eastern Copper Vase Antique Hand Forged Picher/Water Jug, Persian Vintage Antique Islamic Middle Eastern Large Tinned Copper Engraved Bowl ZURQIEH -as8662- ROMAN BRONZE WEIGHT. 2 NUMISMATA. 9.16 GM, WITH NB WITHIN WREAT Antique Engraved Copper Silver Tone Middle Eastern Persian Qajar Tray Plate Antique Seljuk Persian Ceramic Oil Lamp Antique Islamic bronze tray with sterling silver overlay Exquisite Antique Turkish Ottoman Copper Ewer Museum Grade Old Mughal Islamic multi-color tiger jade stone archer thumb ring qing dynasty Antique 1800s Middle Eastern Khanjar Knife Near Eastern Silver Dish Stunning centaur Figure With Lion Antique Turkish Ottoman Islamic Sword Shamshir In Silver Damascus Steel Wootz Antique Asian Middle Eastern Oriental Arabic Prayer Rug Handmade 31 x 57 Antique Brass Tray Charger Islamic Middle Eastern Engraved 18 Talismanic egg Egg of Wealth Antique Islamic Ottoman Embroidered Jacket Red Velvet Gold Women's Mintan Vintage Decorative Handmade Middle Eastern Table Top Tapestry Vintage Qty 3 Dallah Coffee Pot Brass Arabic Bedouin Leather Wrapped Handle Antique Arabic Middle Eastern Islamic DALLAH Coffee Pot 30cm Tall Omani Bedouin Vafoor Hard Wood Hand Made Pipe Collectors Item Decoration With History Antique 19th Century Middle Eastern Persian Tinned Copper Ewer Middle Eastern Egyptian Antique Round Brass Tray (24.3/4) 5.1/2 Lbs Vafoor Hard Wood Hand Made Pipe Collectors Item Decoration With History Antique Middle Eastern Polychrome Glazed Earthenware Pottery Bowl Vafoor Hard Wood Hand Made Pipe Collectors Item Decoration With History Antique islamic copper handmade pot Mamluk style arabic inscription Antique Islamic Persian Qajar Period Patinated Steel Bird Figurine Large 28 Inch Antique Arabic Islamic Large Tile Iznik Ottoman Quran 19th c. Antique Ottoman Empire Islamic Turkey Kutahya Ceramic Pottery Dish Rare Large Antique Hand-Forged Copper-Bronze Cooking Pitcher, Middle Eastern 6.1 Lbs Antique Old Brass Metal Middle Eastern Embossed Tea Coffee Water Samovar Kettle Vintage Safavid Persian Engraved Tinned Copper Vessel 10x10 Large 6 Panel Art Antique, whimsical, bronze tray, elves, black, cat, unusual Vintage Middle Eastern ARTISAN HANDCRAFTED SILVER SMALL PURSE Chicoide Style Ceramic Vessel Bowl 7th Century A. D Scarce Ancient Near Eastern King With Anunaki Deity Intaglio Bead e Antique Near Eastern Sasanian Sassanid Pillar Circa 3rd 6th Century AD Late 19th Century Islamic Manuscript Kufic Antique Middle Eastern Arabic Bowl or Persian Copper Bowl Engraved Patterns ANTIQUE QALAMDAN PEN BOX MAMLUK REVIVAL ISLAMIC BRASS & SILVER 18th CENTURY A 19th Century Persian Inkwell (Qalamdan) Antique Islamic Persian Carved Brass Cigarette Case Arabic antique tissue box made of plexiglass Amazing Antique Genuine Intact Islamic Kashan Ceramic Bowl 13th century AD Antique Very Old Hand Engraved Copper Arabic Middle Eastern Pitcher Ewer Antique Persian Safavid Middle Eastern plate Islamic Seljuk Pottery Oil Lamp (11-12th Century, Persia) Flea Market Caucasian Daggers German Bayonet Knifes And Georgian Swords ZURQIEH -ad15130- Ancient Egypt. Faience Female Amulet. 600 300 B. C Pair Middle Eastern Silver Coin Bowls Hand Chased Floral Decoration Antique Middle Eastern Islamic Silver Inlay Copper Art Tray 15 Charger, Damaged Middle Eastern Brass Inkwell Qalamdan 19th C Antique Engraved Dallah Brass Coffee Pot Middle Eastern Mughal Islamic Full Arabic Style Persian Antique Engraved Shield Original Kiswa Of The Kaaba Certificated Kaaba Black Cloth Full Episode Antiques Roadshow Series 38 Ep 1 Bbc Select Vintage Handmade copper Lion & Priest water canteen With Chain. Origin & Year Vintage Middle Eastern Egyptian Dovetailed Brass Jardinière Cache Pot Planter Antique 18 Century Islamic Turkish Ottoman Empire Armenian Enameled Tombak Ewer Antique Ottoman Dallah Mocca pot Vintage Antique Heavy 84 Silver Tray Finely Etched Ottoman Middle eastern 699g Rare Cloth Grave & Tomb Of The Prophet Muhammed Authentic Cloth Kiswah From Grave Tomb Of The Prophet Muhammed Vintage Middle East Rap Challenge Beat Zurqieh Ad8716- Ancient Islamic Ummayyed Bronze Ring. Inscribed. 700 A. D House Tour A Colonial Home Defined By Antiques Original Moldings And Diy Floors Vintage Antique Hand Engraved Animals Copper Ewer Ethnic Coffee Teapot 15+ Vintage Middle Eastern Persian Qajar Copper Engraved Tray 12 Plate Wall Hanging Zurqieh Ad14341- Ancient Egypt. New Kingdom Silver Fly Amulet. 1250 B. C Original Kiswa Of The Kaaba Certificated Kaaba Black Cloth 30 CM X 20 CM

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