Middle Eastern Antiques

Middle Eastern Omani Silver Mounted Jambiya. Dagger. Made For A Youth. #9805 Virgin and non-virgin stone? . Pair of Ottoman Turkish Wod Inlaid MOP Platform Bath House Sandals Rouhani stones 2? . Ancient Indus Valley Pottery Attractive Antique solid silver women belt, Central Asia, C1900 19th C. ANTIQUE OTTOMAN OR QAJAR PERSIAN ASTROLABE ARABIC ISLAMIC Signed Antique Persian Islamic Tinned Brass Wall Tray Large Plate Handmade 26 Omani Made Supplied By Zubair Furnishing 1971 2022 Vafoor Hard Wood Hand Made Pipe Collectors Item Decoration With History Superb Antique Silver Persian Middle East Liqueur Set 6 Pieces Antique Dallah Middle Eastern Arabian Bedouin Brass Hand Made Coffee Pot Signed Antique Persian Turkish Indian Miniature Painting Middle East Illuminated Page EXTREMELY RARE ANTIQUE CENTRAL ASIA SELDJUK CARVED WOOD PANEL 12 Century Circa 2000-1800 Bc Cypriot Terracotta Plank-shaped Figurine Qualty+++ Early 19th cent. Qajar tinned copper bowl, calligraphy 128# old Islamic Wood burning stove antiques Ottoman Yemeni Saudi Large Antique Qajar Dynasty Persian Pottery Ceramic Vase Deity Man Woman Flowers 18c Antique Islamic Ottomon Indo Persian Poison Kohl Keeping Fish Shape Iron Box Fine Antique Persian Style Middle Eastern Islamic Solid Silver Enameled Box 347g LARGE SIGNED ANTIQUE 19th C ISLAMIC PERSIAN QAJAR BRASS WOOD JEWELERS SCALE SET Antique Original Rare Handmade Ottoman Islamic Mughal Warriors Iron Flail Mace Following A 100 Year Old Map To River Treasure Valuable Antiques Left Behind Antique Islamic Ornate Copper Teapot Pitcher With Spout Antique Islamic Arabic Turkish Dallah Brass/Copper Coffee Pot, Marked, 14 1/4 T Antiques Road Trip S22e23 6 Plate Set Antique RARE Persian KHOSROW Islamic 84 Silver middle eastern 161mm Jewelry Vintage Antiques Collectibles U0026 More Thousands Of Items Sold At Auction Every Week Antique Islamic Damascene Silver Copper Inlaid Bronze Brass Arabic Mamluk Cairo I Never Expected To Hear This At An Antique Mall Antique 19th Ottoman Era Anatolian Silver Bracelet A History Of Christie S In The Middle East Antique Brass silver inlay Candlestick Islamic Mamluk Handcrafted Candle Holder Zurqieh As22245- Ancient Sumerian. Huge Stone Cylinder Seal. 2500 B. C Antique mughal handmade islamic silver bazuband studded with rubies n diamonds #4,19TH CENTURY ANTIQUE PERSIAN TILE w Swimming Fishes Vintage Arabic Islamic Deposee Ornate Floral Metal Platter Tray Antique Islamic Persian Paper Mache Qalamdan Scribes Pen Box Qajar c19th FINE Antique ottoman silk dress robe and trousers PAIR Antique Middle Eastern Hammered Copper Watering Can Table Lamps Antique Hand Made Islamic Folk Copper Serving Tray Antique Large Arabic Persian Middle Eastern Copper Islamic Pot withHandle, 18 T Antique hand made Islamic engraved copper pitcher with spout coffee tea pot Vintage hand made metal statuette Islamic man with hookah #2,19TH CENTURY ANTIQUE PERSIAN TILE w Swimming Fishes Antique Hand Tooled Solid Brass Egyptian Revival Cache Pot Planter #8,19TH CENTURY ANTIQUE PERSIAN TILE w Swimming Fishes #3,19TH CENTURY ANTIQUE PERSIAN TILE w Swimming Fishes #6,19TH CENTURY ANTIQUE PERSIAN TILE w Swimming Fishes #7,19TH CENTURY ANTIQUE PERSIAN TILE w Swimming Fishes #11,19TH CENTURY ANTIQUE PERSIAN TILE w Swimming Fishes Vintage Turkish Middle Eastern Hand Chased Brass Stool / Foot Warmer, Marked Stubby Wooden Exercise Clubs Persian Meels, Indian Clubs 1 Pair Brown Painted #1,19TH CENTURY ANTIQUE PERSIAN TILE w Swimming Fishes Islamic mughal Empire rare brass enemel work vase 16 century Circa Near Eastern Beautiful Persian Nishapur Glazed Terracotta Bowl Well Carved Decorative Middle Eastern Side Table Vintage Persian Middle East Hand-Chased Copper Tray, 19 1/4 Diameter x 1 High Antique Hand Made Islamic Folk Copper Serving Tray 18th century Persian saddle flask Middle Eastern Medieval glass chestnut Antique Arabic Islamic Brass Copper Bowl Persian Calligraphy Antique Rare Huge Middle East Persian or India Hand Chased Lidded Pot, 29 Tall Persian Ghalam-zani Art Pot Master Mahdi Alamdari born 1312 Gift From Allah Hebhab stones, hibhab + box? + News Huge Saudi Arabian Camel Carvings Redated To 8 000 Years Old Ancient Architects #18,19TH CENTURY ANTIQUE PERSIAN TILE w Swimming Fishes #13,19TH CENTURY ANTIQUE PERSIAN TILE w Swimming Fishes New Discovery 8 500 Year Old Rare Wooden Relic At Atalh Y K In Turkey Ancient Architects Antique Copper Bowl Engraved Lipped 7 1/2 Wide 4 1/2 Tall Lots of Wear Orientalist Ottoman Style Brass Silver Inlaid Harem Lock Padlock LARGE TRAY / TABLE TOP BRASS SILVER CAIROWARE DAMASCENE Turkish Ottoman Tughra Antique natural roohani abbas abad? , ? , Old Mother of pearl inlaid and ebony Islamic Frame, large. Probably Syria, Egypt 12 Antique Vintage Middle Eastern Copper Brass Plate Hand Carved Pawn Stars Rebecca S Big Bucks Appraisal For Rare George Edwards Book Season 18 History

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