Middle Eastern Antiques

White Gold Ring 10ct Pink Kunzite Afghani 19thC Antique Ancient Good Luck 14kt Near Eastern Mamluk Vase decorated Inlay Arabic Script & floral design ca 1900 Vintage Arabic Islamic Deposee Ornate Floral Metal Platter Tray Antique Persian Copper Metal Pewter Vase 17th 18th Century Deer Animals Original Kiswa Of The Kaaba Meaningful Gift For Muslim Mum Islam Eid Gift Antique Ottoman Persian Heavy Brass Engraved Travelling Inkwell Qalamdan Divit Large Antique Persian Style Middle Eastern Qajar Islamic Solid Silver Vase 882g Fine Antique Persian Style Qajar Middle Eastern Islamic Solid Silver Vases 250g Circa A. D 1200 Near Eastern Islamic Kashan Sliver Inlaid Beautiful Bronze Bowl Rare Antique Persian Islamic Red Copper Tray Peacocks & Flower Handmade 19' Antique Middle Eastern Persian Brass Inkwell Pen Box Qalamdan Scribe Case Antique Engraved Copper Bowl Hammered Stamped Middle Eastern South Asian Tinned Coffee Maker Pot Brass Dallah Middle Eastern Arab Islamic Oman Persian Antique Antique Egyptian Engraved Silver Bowl 18th/19th century Middle Eastern Islamic Copper incense burner ZURQIEH -as25283- ANCIENT EGYPT. NEW KINGDOM STONE SCARAB. TUTANKHAMUN'S NAME 27,5cm RARE Antique Dallah islamic art Coffee Pot Bedouin 900gr Why Persian Rugs Are So Expensive So Expensive Zurqieh -as24944- Ancient Holy Land. Bronze Fragment With Pataikos. 600 B. C 23,5 cm VERY RARE Antique Dallah islamic middle east coffee pot Bedouin 900 gr Antique Copper Bowl Engraved Lipped 7 1/2 Wide 4 1/2 Tall Lots of Wear Zurqieh -as26706- Ancient Judaean Domed Shaped Bronze Weight. 900 700 B. C Antique Mughal Indo-Rajput Knife Kard-Kartar Dagger-Very Clean Antique Asian Middle Eastern Religious Artwork Antique Islamic Coffee Pot Dallah Middle Eastern Arabic Brass Hand Forged Pot Antique Middle Eastern Egyptian Large 19 Copper Tray withSilver Inlay & Varnish Jesus The Hanukkah Good Shepherd Finest Quality Antique Islamic Brass / Silver Damascene Lamp Arabic Calligraphy Ancient Near Eastern Islamic Samanid Dynasty Ceramic Bowl Circa 10th Century Antique Middle East Islamic Enameled Copper Mosque Lamp 19th Century Antique ea. 1800's FINE Hand Tooled Brass Qajar Islamic Snuff Box Case, Signed Antique Islamic Arabic Turkish Dallah Brass Coffee Pot Signed Original Patina Antique hand-made artistic water holder from east Anatolia Magnificent Hand Made Anatolian Copper ibrik Antique Rare Ethiopian Middle Eastern Leather Hand Held Padded 9 Shield Vintage Beautiful Tibeten Turquoise Stone Necklace With Brass Gold Plated Beads Vafoor Hard Wood Hand Made Pipe Collectors Item Decoration With History Zurqieh -as24994- Ancient Egypt. Beautiful Faience Ushabti. 600 300 B. C Antique Anatolian Copper water bowl #3, ANTIQUE PERSIAN PAINTED GLAZE THICK CERAMIC TILE w Swimming Fishes Vintage Middle Eastern Two Egyptian gods Large 16 Brass Tray withSilver Inlay Very Fine Antique Persian Style Middle Eastern Islamic Solid Silver Bowl 559g Middle East Rug. Handmade. 40's Antique hand made Islamic engraved copper pitcher with spout coffee tea pot ZURQIEH -as23782- ANCIENT IRON AGE TERRACOTTA JUG. 800 700 B. C Ancient Artifacts In Egypt That Egyptologists Do Not Understand ZURQIEH AS22266- ANCIENT LATE ROMAN-EARLY BYZANTINE. Bronze weight Zurqieh As22682- Ancient Artukid Bronze Talisman Amulet. 13th Century A. D 15.5 Antique Hand Tooled Middle Eastern engraved copper dish plate Persian Rare antique silver-plated Middle Eastern vanity dresser mirror agate paintings Middle East Carpet. Wool And Silk Or Viscose. Great Brightness. Middle East. Xxth Zurqieh As22678- Ancient Abbasid Bronze Talisman Amulet. 10th Century A. D Circa Near Eastern Indus Valley Terracotta Doll Figure 19th c Antique Middle East Brass Qalamdan Scribes Traveling Inkwell Pen Case Antique Dallah Salah Al Din Al Ayoubi Beautiful Dallah Large Middle Eastern Islamic Pottery Zoomorphic Bowl With Farsi Or Arabic Script Circa Near Eastern Roman Egyptian Stucco Head Of A Emperor Beautifully Carved Ottoman bucle end of 19th century -early 1900 21cm Antique Islamic Arabic Handmade Middle Eastern COFFEE POT Copper Brass 19c Rare Antique Large Persian Brass Signed Engraved Tray Islamic Art Middle Eastern Vintage middle eastern dallah tribal hand carved brass teapot Circa Near Eastern Hindushahi Terracotta Sculpture Of A Female Dancer 62cmm Circa 3000 Bc Near Eastern Luristan Bronze Figur Beautiful Parina Musume Quality Antique Engraved Copper Silver Tone Middle Eastern Persian Qajar Tray Plate Rare Early Antiquity Middle Eastern Persian Mamluk Egyptian Pottery Plate Emerald Pendant 1½ct Antique 19thC Ancient Islamic Moghul India Holy Koran Verse 24 Inches Tall, Large Vintage Middle Eastern Arabic Brass Dallah Coffee Pot Zurqieh As22668- Ancient Holy Land. Byzantine Bronze Cross. 800 1000 A. D ^ Antique Set of 2 Ottoman Turkey Brocade Gold Embroidered Silk Mats Tablecloths Intricate Engraved Pierced Brass Mid Eastern Turkey Morocco Brass Lamp Antique Egypt Scarab Figure Inscription Text Seal Jewelry Amulet Carnelian Bead Ancient Egypt Shabtis Amulet Afterlife Servants History Production Types Ushabti Most Incredible Archaeological Finds Circa Near Eastern Beautiful Persian Nishapur Glazed Terracotta Bowl Very fine Antique Bronze Bowl Engraved

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