Middle Eastern Antiques

Antique museum Mamluk jug pitcher brass silver $ copper inlaid Sultan al Mansour ANTIQUE OTTOMAN ISLAMIC ARABIC SILVER FILIGR? FOB SEAL 18th-19th AD Antique Bidriware Damascene Middle Eastern Silver Inlaid Iron Floor Vase Middle Eastern Antique Copper Metal Teapot Ewer Pitcher Turkish Engraved Nice Middle Eastern Bronze Buckle, Antique Belt Buckle, Ethnic Statement Jewellery Antique Islamic Engraved Brass Chapati Box Spiritual? Two Habhab Carved Snake &Talisman & snake Bead Antique Islamic Persian Engraved Copper Bowl's Stunning A Rare Pair Spun Copper Antique Ottoman Turkey handmade Tribal headdress tepelik silver with coins Antique Islamic Arabic Ottoman Saudi Yemen Jewish Pot Copper Ethnic Tribal The History Of The World Every Year The Chariots Of The Gods Anunnaki Secrets 17 The Stairway To Heaven By Zecharia Sitchin Antique Ottoman Turkish Helmet with Crescent Moon Top Chainmail Type Decorative Three Large Antique Middle Eastern Copper Tools Antique Middle Eastern Copper/Bronze Enameled Bowl Antique, Islamic, Mamluk Revival, Brass, Silver inlay, Candlestick socket 1850-1899 Antique Islamic Middle Eastern Pottery Vase Porcelain Ceramic Crackle 7.50 Antique Brass Persian Middle Eastern Carved Wall Hanging Platter Highly Detailed ANTIQUE Moroccan Koummya Jambiya dagger Knife Islamic Ornate Detail 15.75 VTG Antique Copper Hammered Coffee Pot Water Pot Tea Pot Middle Eastern 19th Century Antique Islamic Folk Glazed Redware Pottery Pitcher Islamic Middle Eastern DALLAH -Copper Brass Arabic Persian Coffee Pot Large Arabic Islamic Mid Eastern Brass Table Tray Wall Plaque 17 Antique Camel Antique Middle Eastern Brass Vessel VERY RARE Persia Shah Period Pahlavi Dnasty Iron Keys Lock Look Details Antique persian silver Plate set of 6 With Glass Cups, Saucers And Spoons 21 ANTIQUE. Arabic Islamic Mid Eastern COPPER Table Tray Wall Plaque Full Episode Vintage Dallas Hour 2 Antiques Roadshow Pbs Antique Spiritual? Irq alsawahil &pair Snake 18ADAmulet Ring9 Antique Islamic Middle Eastern Hand Painted Pottery Vase w Animals Birds SIGNED Antique Palestinian handmade Tribal headdress silver with coins ottoman empire Vintage Silver Embossed Ghalamzani Tray Large Antique Decorative Middle Eastern Antique tribal necklace, multistrand sterling silver necklace, Middle East -V236 Hoarder Showdown Drew S Quest For Rare Treasures Salvage Hunters House To Home 1800s Middle Eastern Brass Urn / Vase 151/2 ANTIQUE Arabic Islamic Mid Eastern COPPER Table Tray Wall Plaque SIGNED Excellent Antique Old Agate Stone Animal Engravings Rare Amulet Bead. Lot of 25 P 151/2 ANTIQUE. Arabic Islamic Mid Eastern Copper ENGRAVED Tray Wall Plaque Antique Middle Eastern Pottery Jar Bottle Vase Rare Shape Oriental Middle Eastern Oceanic Quality Antiques From Across The World Authentic Ancient Near Eastern Clay Pottery Cup Or Jar Artifact Antiquity Old Large Antique Bulbous Qajar Dynasty Persian Pottery Ceramic Vase Foliage Flowers Very Early Antique Silvered Brass or Bronze Handled Vessel ARABIC PERSIAN INDIA Antique? Middle Eastern Qajar Persian Pottery Vase Jar Item 11 15 ANTIQUE. Arabic Islamic Mid Eastern COPPER Table Tray Wall Plaque Framed Antique Persian Drawstring Purses Bags in Gilt Frame UU97 Turkey Turkish Ottoman Empire Memalik-i Osmaniyye Map Huge Size Very Rare Look 1900's Persian Islamic Arabic Brass Copper Astrolabe 236 Gram Why Are The Arab Leaders Silent Antique Mamluk Medieval 13th-14th centuries A. D. Islamic Ceramic Dish Antique Islamic Persian Antique Islamic Middle Eastern Small Brass Inscribed Bowl 18thC Antique Middle Eastern Armenian Ottoman Copper Bowl Tray Armenia, Signed Antique 1800's Islamic Turkish Ottoman handmade thick tooled Copper Ewer pitcher Antique islamic ottoman handmade camel bone kashkul depecting hunting scene Egyptian Cairoware Damascusware, Silver Inlaid Early Islamic Illustration Antique Asian Islamic Indian Persian 17 th c Weekly Chinese Asian Art Carpets Auction News Nov 3 2023 Gorgeou Victorian Design Silver Ring With Natural Yellow Sapphire Gemstone Old Vintage Yemeni Islamic Ethnic Jewish Headdress with Coins Vintage Antique Middle Eastern Etched Copper Tea Pot A Whole Town Full Of Antique Stores Plus A Great Estate Sale And Pumpkin Picking With The Family Antique Persian Hammered Copper Pitcher & Basin Bowl Qajar Dynasty Turkey Asia Salvage Hunters Season 17 Episode 14 Full Episode 2023 Antique Qatar Islamic Middle Eastern Copper Pitcher Water Dropper Ewer Teapot Antique Islamic Persian Copper Birds Handmade Many Details Vase Antique Ornate Ottoman Ceremonial Steel Axe(Tabar). Rare Middle Eastern, Tinned Copper, Lidded Pot / ice bucket. Hammed Figural Design Persian Pahlevi Shah Period Document Very RARE Rare Antique Arabic Islamic Art Coffee Pot Tinned Copper Antique Persian Isfahan Silver Hand Engraved Vase beautiful Antique Assyrians /Babylon Brass Axe engraved on both sides of the Assyrian bull 2 ANTIQUE Dallah 7 & 9 Tall Antique Islamic Arabic Copper and Brass Coffee Pot Antique Islamic Fatimid Caliphate Green Ceramic Vessel 10th-12th Century A. D Handmade Antique Bedouin Middle Eastern Leather Goods Carrier With seashell

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